Thursday, 28 February 2008

True Kings

When true Kings drank the moon blood of their Queens
In the old days there once had been
A time said of where governance fair and fine
Was maintained of a faerie line
Chose by that vessel of the Grail
Whom with Regal name all did hail
Hers was the task to pick the man
Who could so rule over the land
Fed with her magic potent menses
Her King possessed fully woken senses
And so could no tyrant become
With him Grail enriched her work was done
And with measured rod and a rune writ ring
Only through her could he hold office of a King
And he had warriors yes who warred for his realm
But scientists and mathematicians numbered there as well
They could reckon the vast tracts of space
As on earth so in the heavens they saw how it was placed
There was made a continuous choir of voices that make such noises
Inspired with breath to invoke
The mathematical harmony of spheres
As musics hum to make it clear
So that here on earth did behest
That a world be foundationed best
All in all with profound recognition of movements celeste
All in all with sound and light involved
Long ago had such sciences evolved
When mage-mapped mathematical proportions were notched
By diligent digiticians who keenly watched
The stars in precession
In nocturnal sessions
And plotted the course
With pendulum clocking through gravitational force
The mark of stellar motion the sum and the line
The ancient peoples knew the number underlying
Unencumbered by falsehood beauty intrinsic in design
In andulivian times
The great great grandfather of Noah
The knower of number known as Enoch
Had been whisked to our Hyperborian latitudes by Watchers or God
And given numbers most odd
Which he understood not at all
Though he took down their last detail
So such sages through the ages worked out the scheme
That lay hidden between
The fabric and the seam
Of all creation
And with their gazing they scried divine matriculation
That system of systems of worlds in co-existant relation
Reciprocating in reasoned yet riddlesome rhymes
Such as when seen dancing set patterns in the sky
Have you wondered why the sun and moon seem to us the same size?
You will realize
When to view from earth, sun’s flaming corolla at eclipse
It appears to us the moon on the sun precisely fits!
Or then again, how does Venus
A pretty pentagram so describe
When arching the heavens
Upon it’s eight yearly stellar ride?
Ancient heads endevoured
These phenomena to record
And of an accord
Charted the harmonic laws
Revealed in all
Within all sourced
So the ratio and proportion
Of Temples was endorsed
And recorded on rulers
As a matter of course

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