Thursday, 28 February 2008

The Pook of Pok

Within the glistening of my eye

I remember

The Temple

Where we danced and made love

Where you taught me the secrets of the plants

And of the cycles of the Moon

Then came the Wars

Where the flowers were uprooted

And lay, starved of soil

So I loved alone

And strove to be with you

For we were within always

In the cycles of the stars

Dogs lead us


Into the valley of the dead

Our children smile


Our eyes, starclad

Cloak us in breath of planets and plants

To dwell in bower houses

Trees where our children will be raised

And sent out into worlds

Summon Sorcerers

From forgotten depths of myth

An incarnate joy

Where combined troubadours

Run circus rings

Where ripples run from drop

And I appear

Dealing chessgames

From rich stores of knowledge

Mothers dress their children

In various garb of armies

MET where stretch the squares

The black the white

Journey of vivid logic

To teach of life’s cause

And the opposition of fates

Begin oh tournament of games in glades

Display our sparkling valour in play



Technology was born to become plastic

And we watch it’s art now recede

As our games provide better antics

Move by move

Joy by joy

Round by round

A tug of war

A duck and a drake

A stuck in the mud

In our playroom of fun

Never too late

Careful now- no not urge your tactic

Too soon. The Runes forbid

And the cards?..

Well they lie in their pack

So Pok waits here too

Happy that his dreams creation

Which was thought oddball

Is now all around

Grown, a shared thing

Within our mind and craft

Oh beloved Earth

Without shame


As the players rearrange

MET The Challenge

Distantly glints The Citadel

My Eye!

Our horns to blow

Forlorn these castles no longer

So grow splendorous

In this show grows


Through depths pain



Gauntlet down

Now proclaim your poetries



Fly words

To crisis

Where warlords command

Lives to the brink

Where abeyance is the only think

Here we hold pause

In a bubble

At fingers tip and lip

So missiles stop in sky

Their arcs a rainbow become

And sing the wind

Billow the sail of our great ship of faith

Where we hold the battle still

With our songs logic

Banners of Goddess God

Of human and myth-man

Turn your eyes to the fiery heart inside

And make this masquerade of life and death dignified

Remembering that blood moves through veins

And solve this dispute

And do not refrain

This world of WAR

Not come again

It is the first thing

Then tribe gather

And dreamsong cascade

So from pulpits and minaret

Circle proclamation cry

It is gone


We resolve with wit

A generous futures

In our sights we can see it

* * * * * * * *


Dorn we now our costumes for display

Knights and Kings

Queens and her maids

All living burning hearts on parade

All alive now within our living breasts

Pieces players props a play

Dice to choose a role today

Our scattered lives return to games

Where wars of the moon forced us

Arcana to draw

Whom we now portray

Where strategy it’s license lays

In cut poetries that speak so well

Our lips smack with reasons skill

And as we whisper so we change

Oh you who are so widely ranged

Have drawn you here



A circle grows

A will to woo

Across a gulf

Where coldly blew

Rude flutes

At first

In forests for where we make our homes

It is I Pok who speak

Who fell from Bok

To scream

At first

Then tell tales

Who calls earth She

And nestles ‘neath the old oak tree

* * * * * * * * *

So you have come in your various carts

Through hills and dales you have made the date

Through bluebell vale where dwell my friends

In fields of Twy

Pok’s playroom lies

* * * * * *

We can relate our fantasies .

Be sure of that

And live them too

Simply because you have come here

For gentle is hir voice on the ear

Gentle web and gentle hear

Drums that align the trance

Belly dance in bowels joined

All th’within this stories vessel!

* * * * * *

For we have made a Narganaut

Lusty craft by all reports

It sails through storming serpent’s eye

As on the deck our heart’s alive

Drape dulcimers for a sail. Full blown

It’s boards a song of mermaids call

Percussion sounds! That cut the wave

Caduceus’s horn it steers the way

From faith’s demand a mast has grown

Oh ancient yew

Fall diamond dew

Withstand the blast that Odin threw

* * * * * * *

So stand y now at place entrance

Where Pokke sometimes does he dance

Shows y through sparrow’s eye

His intimate bower

It’s walls and towers

Murals flowers

Balustrades a rose and eldern crosses

Bracken briar and moistly mosses

Courts within a garden glade

I’ll show you round it is OK

I have kept safe an ancient land

Draw now near and understand

That I will let you in my gate

Between two hills the worlds relate

Hear the cittern’s magic drone

Feel the pull moon’s magic moan

Feeling tears of diamond rain

Falling on our brows again

Slime fill me with word pox

It is most truthful

I have must needs tell

It urges me

For it is that chink of doors light





Our bodies form from nausea

Summon spewing foaming wrath

Where breath is bad with beetle broth

A warmly stirring noxious froth

Hazy in inspired fevers

On tip of lip and at mouth’s part

So gag the goose and loose the lot


When tribe are meet and met and moot

And one hears sound of harp

or drums and flute

These words are spewed in courtly rings

The tribe imbibes the minstrels sing

For yes

We have met

And now all merge

So come visions for ears have heard

And meet and moot with distant worlds

Other boys other girls


Open door you starclad guide let us the magic dragon ride

My door of worlds it opens at last

It glisters see the lands invite

Yet for me you will wait

Till droplets fall

Listen you from land that bleeds

You’ll not wait as long as I

I who wear a cloak of sky

Though multitudes demand a song

I’ll make you wait a little long

It was I who was kicked out of here

Goaty scape who has no name

Has come back to home again

Come with Goddess

Come with names

To play musics in this sacred place

And put an end to war’s disgrace

Just pause to think about this act

Know what it is before you react

Spiral to collective max in fact

A good dream, I bear no gripe


Come to my realm that belongs to all

For all be Pok who’ll wear the horns

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Stand we now

In choice of uniform or not

At Pok’s portcullis

You have come here too

Or have you now or have you not?

So form we now a ring of round

A ring of eyes a ring on ground

A sacred grove where we can peel

Our potent pokey sounds

From dead seeming roots

A life all new

As cards were lain so we appeared

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Drawbridge lowers Initiates may come forward

The worlds are joined

My land will merge with yours

It spills

A chess board sea

Through portals of you and me

Now breaks the seal so can speak theym lips

Quiet till now who will

Step over threshold?

‘Tween Nam and Nut

Those holy hills

Link the gap that spans the worlds

From land to life

Two hallowed hills that mark the gate

You have come and not too late

All love and hate have made a ring

Where stories meet



Enter in your Sovereign’s domain

She who now begins reclaim

As we players speak for her name

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So through my gate this oddly porch

You’ll not need light the words are torch

Patience sit you down on seats

Crafted from the ash and beech

Hear the old Goats bleat their tune

As was done ‘neath ancient moons

All in then?

I have kept you on the steps for long

You’re now within this plain furlong

Of legends speak

Twyfor Downs

Oracle face

Now parts its clouds

To shake you

With tide of news

Get to shelter

Get you go

Hear concrete

That cracks now enchantment fades

For we have made a pie

A crumble top

For knaves who try

No not


Not to repeat our sadness rings

For this is time for better games

To sense the streams that run below

Of spirit snail and worthy worms

And here meet worlds

And well met we

We’re playing host for galaxies

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Shiver shimmy shamma shoo

Here’s a pod for you to use

Seeds within make sound of rain

So shake and shim and shake again

You have your gourd now go revel

For this is all a festival

Where words are iceberg

Gather in now gather round

Circles met is circles found

Spiral up and helix down

Gather now gather round

Gather now gather round

For I have you in my lair

And now I will proceed to spit my satyr

About the wars I see so much

I think you are really out to lunch

And for Pok

True, no sword

But Elfin silver gauntlet drew

And down it threw


To where armies meet

‘Oh no, oh not’

I say so firm in poetray

And listen still, no clouts or cuts

But bleat in song

Our tragi-comedy

We will cure the ill that makes you all

Your guts to spill

This I like not this death faced creed

That angers hungry gulf so feeds

With meal of bodies wasted

Love not tasted

Of hearts a hardened mystics missed

Waters dead of no life kissed

So chock I hammer into ground

Here is faith a riddle round

A pooka place a peace palace

Some gay marquee where we can play

On harps descent

Worlds of words entreat

A dodman root

In glades of games of life we meet

These will echo down the wastes

To true Kingdoms

Earthheart’s prize of timely wealth

And each a ley through stones old throat

This ancient land in stars so cloaked

Is blessed with poklamations croak

A trumpet for a new dawn’s hope

Sinister this plot may seem

But sinister simply left it means

Is it real or is it dream

As poets call these worms to life

My snakes and lice

You’ll think it nice

To peer from spheres

At our vertigo nation

Upon a perch of reveries

Where nothing is and all is done

Disenchanted Kingdom Come

And garbed in name learn see

Unravelling of her history

Less known left has brought the rain

Soak us in a planets shame

Those two hills –the Goatstone Rounds

Are places where we make our sounds

Are bowers you should understand

Where Hurunagas songs the land

(lovely worm with earthy voice

Pokke’s number one choice)

That was in a tale before

But now I’ve worked on it some more

In chaos of arcane words

I try to muster ancient laws

Within the heart

That grows from ground

Spirits gift is to be found

This we of who it is I speak

Is all of us here gathered

With ears in circle

Hopeful hearing clear

In ring of eyes

My colour will summon

All dreams

Some of you here are bound with me

For Pok is mouth his Pook a tree

Where troupe of tricksters hangeth out

Magic folk in leafy coats

Those that wear the shifting cloaks

For who are we?

We are the band

That speak and sing and dance the land

And careful weave those idle cords

That sag so till we pull them taught

A loom for hiving cultures thrive

Mercuries fingers spin intwine

Dextrous fiddle playing

That lets the mind have no peace


Take off your lid yes lay it down

We must travel out of town

To Twyfords Hills the Goatstone Rounds

Where tale begun

It is ready it is spun

Magic muster



Who will join our shanty band

There’s not need to understand

That is the head - away with that

It’s England’s heart in mist and dew

Forgotten land

We troupe instil

New norms

To refract from life

Performance retracted deep inside

This Earth

That out it sprouts

And will get in

To minds inclined to other dins

Ah! We have the wit

The bladder stick

To goad you with

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Speak we gnomes

Sat, our council pipe to hand

On dice

The twirl of minds wrist is our work

The slip of tricks that soar us from the mundane


Sanely insane

In circles dream emerging

Our construction from talksome shiftstick spins

Maker that portrays lavish dreams

And founds them here

Time’s door opens a chink

See vistas where contrasting squares

Cover Earth’s gorgeous undulating skin

And architectures are seen


Allowing depths magnetic thrust

Flow through pores

Where sites are placed

Holding hearts most involved heats

In cheque

So as we sit

We throw our glory into life

Dreams that stir from these depths alight

Bringing their fantastic visions

So hopscotch we through black and white

As dazzled we be in doors open light

To go within this world

In the gap between the squares of this place

Is to gyrate freedom

Kings and Queens of our own realms be

Real in story tale to make our days

And so speak that which you wish to be

For we are skyclad and grounded in our earth seed

And so have met this tribe

Drawn by the age

Here on concentrated ground

To hold shape stick

And transform talk

From these dice of lives

In ring of eyes

We have sweet rainbows communicate

A drop from eye

So swollen with denied waters

Salt seas release

As civilisations before crumble and fall

Grow now green shoots

In this old grove

Who here sees themselves?

Respectfully touching the heart

In tattered rags

A mud pie for the buddha

And so outward to those

Authorities one may meet

For circles concentric blends

Culture Time Decay


Let us be authors of our rites

Where we woke war assuaged

Pulled lids on the eye to dream

Where we play games

Moving stars from bone figures

On opposing sites

The weapons of war

We lay down

Tessellate oh worm hole oh fine wove fabric

Where our best fantasies garment us with frail flowers

That grow for the storm

* * * * * * * * * ** * *

Oldern seat of goblins below respond



Without whose leer there would be no sustainance

However much we deny those lusts beneath

Swell spores to life

Give continuance to our carnal forms


Machine gun reason is dislodging itself

From our gameplan

Cast butterfly spells as envisioned by Joni

And grow the green sativa on the mountain sides

To replenish our air

And all where the land lays raped

To breed fantasy wild societies

Contrived in circles ply

As theym wood structures where us pixies dwell

In rare seclusion we have made the place

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Pok declares love in pounding silence

His voices like reverb

Send images to her heart

A smoky blue sphere

Isis eyes shine mirrors hung twixt stars

Send thoughts heal to pulse dancers

Within our mindstream veins

Axis Time’s knot

Minotaur between the columns of some temple

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Of battalions lost in fragment caps

Split of pod

Wise pulmonary beating

Pok stays mind at cat’s trigger

Carefully compensates

Karma will allow no prisoners

For I cannot contain my words in pots for you

They be sanctimonious acid to burn through

Your worst fears and to transmute them

How Cry Why

Land of seven suns with their generations

That confuse

Oh Rasputin’s wailing pipe

Serpents meshing calling traffic lights

Passing merging chequered landscapes

To tread forward and see out of your head

Fake illustrious ghosts muster in corners

To be dispelled

Webs where spiders scuttle

Free from worn houses

Revealed in these glowing mirror squared tetragrams

Grand visions of unfurled vegetations of millipede’s zest

A snail’s quest falling few on a gnat’s parachute

So lost dreams revive

Those dropped into deep subconscious resurface!

Caught behind nooks in time

A whole eras forgotten taste

Remembering the echoes of those holes

Where worlds align and tongues speak

Whole rapturous choirs

Spheres that pass and are gone

These glimpses of futures are complete

To be strenuously and carefully

Selected and born

Dragonfly you go your way you are not mine

Though wear my gown emblazoned in fury winds

Emerald and sapphire eyes watch the performance

Coil curve with your body as it dances

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And so it was at Goatstone Rounds

That Pok first proclaimed these feiry sounds

His love of Her his loth of War

More of the first the last no more

Because it moves the shroud he speaks outloud

He hopes you will do him proud

That you speak your own words of what you see

Declare beneath any tree your loves

For they are worthwhile

Acts live and acts inspire

As story fires are rising higher

Make a fun that once begun

Will breath like wild about this land

Breathe a world that joyful sings

In market place where prophets bring

Their offerings and ours for you

For is there any we can lose?

How is it so I see you now

Twiddling our thumbs

Upon our tree seats

Why have you come

Was it the song?

Did you smell the fragrances

And come blindly nose first?

Did the painted bird draw you in?

Or did another so entranced invite you?

For all what way you have come

Come to hear your own voice speak

To scene of the world’s worst crime

Or any doorstep

And you have been led by tragedies first prankster

Come to where Pokke old crow bows

His stryping body pulses with other lights

Through his eye sparrowhawk spies

Who undefined and of no fleshes but voice only

Will describe a glorious ark

And it is agreed it is assured

Will sail you through new senses

To see truths in strange verse

That will remain when spell is broken

Mend an earth when words are spoken

Who does work now crisis come

With gourd and voice and beaten drum?

With Deva , Sylph and Dragon King

Flaming Centaurs and wild dancers

Weave and wield

A cloth where is none

Weave and wield

Take to the field

With love magics

To break a sterner enchantment

Where corporation wizards contrived once

Against the common good

To sneak jewels which in truth were their own eyes

And bribe us for our dwellings

For now the palace of Gods

Where was tribes hearth

Is scattered

The various mortars thrown apart

And of the Goddesses’ veil it war torn to the wind

For we were scattered

This Pokke remembers well so grasped as Odin also


Tatters which would be lost

That ensure, make him feel good

That soon we may

Piece together

Sublime remnants

Catch the Light of Life of Tribe once more

And we have gathered through terrors’ resolve ~ these good folk too

All magpies we

Of for what truth

Will last the inferno and be sure in atomic tides

Where gathered

All muster our screams

To others

So we can realise

We have the same fears

This is my tactic

That all you here do loosen up the somewhat

And me too

And indulge a nice thought of some method of gaining ground

Where all is sorrows screeslopes

It is the Buddha’s will

And we sit with him

Within circles concentric

The five point star

And lotos fall

How star wondered


On Taleteller’s brow

Sacred diamonds or Egyptian curls

Take us there

Remind us


This is how we do it

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *So it is Pokke’s Pattapan

I have need to ramble

It is a scene setting

A podium

That plateaux

From where we roll our dice

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

A Queen a Crown

That light issues

A halo for this gathered crew

A knave whose caught and wont be taught

His fingers in the honey pot

Pok was first and wont be taught

His fingers in the honey pot

Pok was first and has returned

And he has lived and he has learned

As he knew


And all for you

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The Pook of Pok

Is real herein

A play is set

To soon begin

* * * * * * * * * * * *

In days of old bards told the day

And we like they with true heart’s wail

We shall describe a shining grail

When Poklamations glove is down

We welcome Goat back into town

Scape no more his eyes espie

Our land where golden willows ply

And make us homes curved from She

Where grannies old and children play

Where water runs from open mouths

Of earthen pots and leafy lives

Where bibles sutras scriptures all

Are writ when diamond rain it falls

So serpents pass by all the while

Oh sacred taile of rhythm rhyle

This worm

Whom Shaman speak

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Now that was all a dream I’d had upon a shining sea


The Narganaut spoke seaweeds words to me

Moonfish question

I answer that we have set our carts a tilt to the road

To be setting up our stripy arenas

Here then gone

Where games are there playing


This place of tents and paraphernalia

Select trappings stilt walkers healers and kooks

Thee summoning sorcerers eye has dreampt it into being

We exclaim our words


And enjoy a shared repartee

Which we call ENHURUMENT

Have refined a galactic adventure

In form of show

So tap your toe!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

From the centre out jesters stomp to the racket

Of lutes drums and other devices found as we travel

As all around us the storytale weaves


Speak from beautious zither beaten goatskin

Bells or harmonicas from larynx of porpoise Volcanoes and Worm men

We carefully dance before your eyes

Tempting you to new consciousness

Like those scant clad girls before us

With their herbs and scent

It has always been this way

In differing forms

And now there is full need for our dynamism

And from the centre out

Brave telltellers

Hold scripts like parchment sails

That our winds

Will blow this ship

To Kingdom Come

Props; stars, bejangled beasts we display

All four suites

With ferocity and calm

Beholder’s eye

In fur of fates

Is presented

Shambolic movements

That frenzy with no audience

Our spirit voices fill the crowd where we have cunningly placed them


So as to ease our letting go

Trance us with sussurus words

And those gourds

To improve the day, generate glee

And form a vision complete

That is this dreamtime

* * * * * * * * * * * *

And we have come to the village green market place car parks

To carousel communities of children

Wise aunts nod

Smile the old men who crack jokes beneath aldermaston branches

Beyond whose shade

The boys dance with the girls

Of all ages and places

Hooray! Beneath the sun we are celebrating

Have jumped from wagons

Brought clatter of equipment

Ad hoc painted

To enthrall entertain and improvise our way through the storm

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

For we were scattered

And to stars fled our spirits

Hiding in constellations estrange



No more to sup the dew

No more manna to fall

For disenchanted lay my Kingdom

The clown of this citadel is weeping

His King slumped on throne

As snore his elite

Suns summoning does not make them rise

No smell of broths or sound of chanting

Nothing to animate our realm ancestral

So let us go

Back to our tribal seat

Let us go to this Citadel

For it is the heart of Pokk’s eye

His cherished temple


Call it what you will

He says "Pooka"

And it is where he prays

And imagines games and plays drones for tunes for boys and girls

A world’s emotions boat

Which he sails

I tell you this in full trust

As no enemy shall vanquish here more

And this golden pinnacle

Will shine greater as we approach


Our hearts breath expands


With dreams desire


Footsteps pad

On courages feathers

Oh space peppered games grid

When will you end!


Newt spangled froth from star maddened conquistadors come

Bubbling from mouths

Through loosened throats

Spew residues yes, from unclenched stomach pit

Oh angels dream your finite head implodes

To sound of castenets

Falling Lotos bowers

Chimera of senses

Peeling as cellestial bells

Moaning whispering

Through this towers wild open windows


Thy eyes are scarlet

As many hued truth

Lies out it’s carpets

All welcoming, pour out from doors

Where Elfin eyes sneaky glimmer

Have kept warm the hearth within hearts

For these moments

Those who pulled lids on eternities gaze

Will have to meet the glamour of this Temple’s shine

Time’s gap has blipped into remotest dreams

Once all our knowing

Now shades and shadow

* * * * * * * * * * * *



See smell about my house

My arena of deifaecation

The Palaces of extasycrement

These sacred places be Bok’s Bowers

Where befoulment may take place

So lead on the way, appearing

Bright Maenads

With coloured glasses

Where sun shines through

Will bestill the spirit with eyes and leaves

That are healing

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Enter you in gardens of new Temples


To lie among the grasses and flower beds

Hedges where urns are set in mottled copper

Peer to points the eyes of curious statues

Among the mingled and leaves

All this within a dreams drop of my house

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

And it is here we have drawn near

How! Now!

I cannot see each of you individually

The light of collective auras is too great

I cannot tell who is who

Our thoughts seem interwove

As permeated we be in the musics of this Pooka’s wield

Oh space of dreams

Temple of goings on

Wild parapet upon nature’s groove

Here we fulfill fantasies urge

Pull savoured wonderthoughts from the void

And make them appear

Eldern magic

It makes such a


As we crawl bugs and beetles from some earth trough

As florid poesies newspaper print and gay manifestos such as this

Say no more

Than words

And see through

See through

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Within these merged eyes we step as one

Upon the tile of this most insubstantial of Kingdomes

Watch it’s colour slipshade

Great clouds of drenched violet pass over broken masonary

Grass is flickering jungle stalks

A wild place no happy Eden

Terrifying grove of children

Yet the Kings and Queens of this land are old

And know their thrones

For it is that ancient sanctuary and we have remet with it

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Pages fanfare us

To each a personal message

Mystical stone entering rites

Whirl the land about with sound and imaginings

In at my deepest door

Our chores have brought us this far

And we are so enwebbed in silvery golden meta-stuffs

Beyond metallic these states are polished

In shadow eye cheekbone

Colour coded clothes and hair say

We are here

This is the source of all grails

Where glister foam breathes from the earth of tommorrow

Forms us zodiacal; nodes, notches

Cantilever through multiverses

Here is the seat of time travel

Universe meet

travellers check where we have been

Holler at one another

Jump Fly Go

Hesitate no longer

Within glowing rains we stand through the tinted glass

In vestibules chambers halls in ground

And also where lie around

The trim gardens of rain

Now polarizing as we view from within these citadels windows

Within Pooka eye a sound crew met for storytale

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Eagle Peak this place has been called

To where flocked universe generation

To hear what was spoken

Other places are no different

Each can be brilliant as we speak

All worlds open here

And listen!

We hold communication

In this ring we consecrate with actions inscense

The land


That we are stood or lain or sat upon

Hearing our own voices let

Rivers flash friends into our lives

Where will be seen also proud Hurunagas

Deepest trance-dance rememberance

Serpentine magnificence

Lizard of ideas incandescence

Speaks a Tribal
Zig zag whiteeye

Hawkshead Hogg

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Gathered on specialized ground

For specific rites

Tell a tale a tale a tell

Speak fables of ancient Persia

Of caves where lived the Hyperboreans

Tell a tale a tale a tell

Pour goblets of reasons bliss

Held in Pok’s gauntlet draped hand

Firm to cheer as spill drops

Sanguine esoteric expressions crow call from the old goats eye

Tell a tale your eye spirals

Tell of fallen logs all prism piled so circles take us deeper

Storyland go

Into the snow of leaves

Find battering walls wisdom bats

Who fly to vibrations and sense valors in supra-chrome

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

In this Pook

We spy

Each other

Tricksie glances

Prances a wink a passion

Telepath angels ivy wrap in swaithes our being

Parasitic ultra-love involves us in alligator patterns

Mish mash mind teach us steps

Holds toe to the two feet Rising and falling

See in trance

Ballrooms where a new ballet commences

The new born dances a

set of seeing for futures

And follow the footsteps

Xylophones of priceless visionary instants blaze

Fantoon us in gospel soak

Trees where prophets call

The vistas of worlds lain oaken dome

True gnarl tooth woodsprite dwells in th’ hedge to where this dream be approached

I’ll not tarry for you, but go on my own way

And tell a tale today

True to pull the curtain of the eyes

Held steep in tradition

Now to fall

As revived souls pour once the more

To these places

Made in so-such fashion

By these methods of starworking

Now to wielding soil and water

The wind and wave

And the bards who bespake them

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I began volcanoes to speak into being

Ranting sinuous words and thoughts

Past the teeth

Into the drumming droning dwellholes

Of the Selves

In drop to mandalas ready centre


Becalmed be oh beloved storm

Speak for seas and suns creation

Winds who squall full of eagles

Locusts and also groundhogs come

Fire I will cause to burn

Where there is not burning but for till I spoke it

In the thrumming of my thought

I mimic make the quakes

And with breath a curl

Tornadoes I lisp

I am timely for the lunar movements

And the different shades she casts

And I grow from sprouting words

The jungles tundra wastelands also

And all of civilizations arithmetic so corresponding

Typewriter mauls me no more for the price of it I will not be having

Plain speaks the words that from land emerge

Through zones in the poet

And so out to all

Perhaps strung on a lute

It will not be such ancient brewing dreamstate extinguished

For words in these places be meza-real

And do not wait to be written

They fall as to make the worms wiggle

Those worms on whom the worlds swing

And from these lowly chomping holes

Comes furious creation

For from the worms and flies and beetle bugs

All stories made are told

Are told

All stories made are told

Reverences! Scarab,

Skullcrib hold reverence

For out of these a world shall be

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Now see through these windows

All about

For we be in Pooka

And a holding dreamtime

Nothing more

Than holdings stars

To their spannings

Those mists of brain’s electric response

Do not fear

Draw near

For explore you all now this place

Pokke folk have kept it spicky span

Feel free

Cosmos’ clock’s a good place for a party

* * * * * * * * * * * *

And what purpose this citadel we are within

What use the surrounding playground of Pok’s pavillion?

Why gather here in shiny house?

Well be sure all are welcome to rest

Those disrespectful will not see this diamond

Buried within the heart

Secret shine for all common people

What use?

A pace where folk may feel relaxed

A place of certain securities

A ring a space a shining face

Or solemn meeting to faiths

Who knows what the uses

That could sprout from such a meeting hall

Such an ancient and tribal homestead

All imaginings present in this timely baubel

Let us hold ourselves up to the light

Permeate with eyes diamond

This loving round

This changesome sound

That appears on this ground

Built by need for shelters

Round House

For children who live on the Heath

For we are the children of Bok

And Pok speaks their doing

From when scattered we reassemble

Oh love! Oh love! Has called

Response is echoing


And so our lives are built, song by song

Tear by tear

Fear through fear

Cites sound, cities to build of starlight twinkelling

So to catch hold with hands of spirit

Reins for chariots

To ride

These stars

To other homes along the way

This is for why we build

That it be a need

For when Bok’s joyous fingers

Reach out with living light

That must give meaning to itself

And speak sing swing a joy

For the Pok be mimicking when

These people gather

* * * * * * * * * * * *

And at moments when the earth speaks her turmoil

Do not fear rise against authorities

That are of the tribe

But grown hard

Too hard to heed the music

So to display parade and entertain

In our attempts to bridge this gulf

Between circles

(That are ALL round)

So hear you all what is spoken

By the maddest of May

Oh please oh please please

Let go to dance

And see the shine of moon’s madness

For when the shift comes

We shall have ourselves only

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

And we have entered fully the gates of our dreams

So to reinstate our ancestral rites

Upon the land

We have surrounded ourselves with stars

Patterns in the soil

Scratches on the stone

It is here we dance

And this be a vision of the so called insane

Who are now all of us

For what has become of our audience?

We are one with the garden and it is one with us

So as we lead this dance

The garden dances with us

Teaching us how to live, leading us on

To be lead through elements

To all points of zodiacs

This dance that renews

Is that which constructs our new visions

The visions of the sun and sea

Which must rise to fall

And dance we do ‘till many suns come and go

Throughout the long summer and cold winters

We share this simple empowerment

To dare to become the dance

To dare to be your best story

To dream to cure your worst ill

To know how healing flows from all

But see!

How is it Pokke is weeping

How has he become frozen in his own song

Though it were lit in splendour

Can anyone see him in this lone tower

Tears are dropping from the shutter

Why is there weeping?

For he be weeping for his lady

Who is abused

For he crys mystic tears for the source of his love

His lady in the sky

Whose body is thick stone

Whose womb is a chamber

Who nurtures tomorrow in her sky belly

Her light cloak is that which we breath

Whose love spangles the night

That is the charm of Pokke’s eye

And in yon tower he is imprisoned

But for wanting his songs to be heard

And tears to be seen

Shining down the hard stone

Into pools

To reflect his ladies eyes

Rust this iron

One can hear the voice

Break these chains

Whispering clearly

Oh Goddess oh God

That dwell within us

Reveal yourselves in this safe place

That Pok may rejoin with his people forever

And their Goddess of many names

Be adored in great reverence long the night

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Pieces of the lost

Float down through no ceiling but the sky

Those fragments fall

Blossoms on the field

Adorn us

Blessings of the Goddess

From her garden

Eyes that broadcast love

Sorcerers fingers

That lightnings play around

Seers mind, who love the surge of ocean

Mouth of the Gorgon, through whom we travel

Tears of dense salts for the release within such God’s sinus

Let us be free once more!

And so Pokke’s tears have run right down

His highest citadel

And each drop is singing crystal colours

To touch your heart

Run like psychedelic syrup

To transmute lives

So for Pok, he stands where he has never dared for many a long age

Upon the roof of his high tower

And he does greet and embrace the lady in the sky

Raise himself loftily

And then he doth jump

Into his fear

And this moment be the top most exhultation of his Pook

(Which has disappeared)

For all below are washed in tears

And be travelling to new realms

That fears face has carved

Oh love! It is thee!

You are here!

"I love" is this song

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

So here in the veil of full fear

Where angels dip their wings in blacker dies

The fantastic range of experience opens up

Here we travel

Deep within blackest womb

Dark earth seed waits

Waterfalls to greet the merry visitor

Down cascade colours

A shine slide where stripy Pok now falls

Within fears descent

Dense pulsing matters

He does fall through

Here we are led

Terrifying circles where the atoms tremble

Clench clouds

Onto what is dissolving

We fall from pinnacle

Showers of dust, magic air and ensorcelled atmospheres radiate death colour

Here we fall through

By explosions that destroy Pooks and poets

The vulva of the earth

Flushed with rich blood

Intoxses Pokkes

Seeded in the dark dream has dived the spirit of tomorrow

Nestled, complete,

The Earthseed

Wait, wait for Spring

Diamonds and sapphires

Stones and bones

We are seeded

* * * * * * * * * * * *

So deep beneath this gorged mother sack

Our seed is waiting within the land of our mind

And there it is slowly slow

And the dreams are thorough

And death is deadly dead

And life is greater than thiss

So our theatre has become into the Underworld

And above is nothing


Winter reveals the stones

That appear on the land like new teeth

And death is deather

And life is greater than thiss


Has come

Sleep sleep children

Wake to see the sun

She is rising, where exposed

In full radience

The Pok who is you

Sees the approach of mystic dragons

Pouring nectar from up the sky

Life’s seed in the land

How the seed is a-risin’

How the heart is exploding

Impossible movement real

Star zephyrs twinkle

Phaedron is glinted

Within these eyes

a-crazed a-mazed, open

to see simply the sunrise

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Shift in gear of mind

Circles increase, the stomach acknowledges the truth


So shield less the full glare meet your eyes!


Courage take you Eden’s wings

Faerie feet take you splendorous to the underworld

As our children have revealed themselves in this overworld

And empowered be

Fill with sunbrew

The chest of might shaman’s will not mistake you

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Open eyes

To many lives

This is weaving between mortal coil

In circles of lives

Our beaten drums witness

Families through the ages

Ancestrally wove


And these wove eternal

Be our waking and dreams

Life of lives

And circles of family

Where sisters sit with mothers

Where from our womb flow carnate

Where brother and father

Sons and interwove

Daughters once again

We remember the ancient music

Star wondered memory

The stirring of the dragon

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