Tuesday, 17 April 2012



Flashing Before My Eyes

Of all the people I have known
All the situations life has shown
Of all the times I couldn't even cry
Of all the nagging questions asking me why
I see them all flash before my eyes
All of the emotions take off their disguise
And leave me floating on my own
In the place that only I have known
And I'm not proud and I'm not wise
I'm just waiting for the sunrise

I am not disempowered
Though I never felt too secure
I can see the jelly in the hard ones
And I know there is a cure
But I'm lying here in a haze
My mind is moving inside my own maze
And this labyrinthe is the film of my own life
And I may not be the type
But when my power comes I'll take up and fly
But now I'm waiting on the sunrise

Oh Lord I don't know if I can make it
Oh Lord hoiw long is it taking?

I'm shaking with it now
And the memories are very powerful
Friends have come and gone and some have turned to dust
They say do what you can do, they say do what you must
And I fragmentize as I gaze into the past
The future's a kaleidescope changing very fast
Faces I have known, faces to appear
I'm seeking for a guidance vision speaking very clear
And as I'm whirling round this Universe, much to my surprise
It's a beautiful sunrise
(Even on a rainy day
Even with clouds in the way)


Nothin' at All

When I went a-walking in the early morning light
I spied my own true love
She was a-walking in a pretty little dress
Looking like a turtle dove
Looked in my pockets, what did I see, not much there at all
It's lucky for me she likes my songs
'Cos I ain't got so much more

I ain't got nothing
Ain't got nothing at all
I ain't got nothing
But I ain't got so far to fall

He ain't got nothing
He nearly got nothing at all
He ain't got nothing
But he aint got far to fall

So I buttoned my hair and I combed my shirt
Feeling like a total misfit
She pierced me down right through the soul
I thought that I might have missed it
But then she smiled with that look in her eye
And it turned my mind around
I said a quick prayer for the welfare state
'Cos I almost got nothing at all


Papa keep on trucking, man that is jam hot
Papa keep on trucking, give it all you got
When the cards are down you'e the one around
Sneaking around midnight when no one's around
Papa keep on trucking, man that is jam hot

Walking with my baby all down that ancient way
Walking with my baby, Lord come what may
You know that I love you true
Even though it's hard and there's much to do
Walking with my baby all down that ancient way

Come on Grandma, let's go round the bend
Come on Grandma, we'll make it in the end
It's up to us on the magic bus
Made to please on the flying trapese

So all you gentle good people running round
With your cheque books in your hand
Who pays the bill when the money you made
Is chewing up all of this land
I nearly got nothing, not much at all
But I don't sell my soul when I earn
'Cos when I fall, I don't fall far
And I won't crash and burn

I ain't got nothing...


Ex from Hell

Ex from Hell, Ex from Hell
I just got a letter from an Ex from Hell
Ex from Hell, she wants to tell me
Again and again, what a wanker I've been

Speaking as a tosser and a wanker and a twat
I thought I'd taint your ears and tell you that
An Ex from Hell is never out to please
But never never go down on your knees

Ten good years it was ago
But some things move very slow
Wake you up in the middle of the night
Make your head rattle make your guts tight

Ex from Hell I owe her cash
It was my mistake I was acting rash
Ex from Hell she stuck her nails in me
Did I truly cause her all this misery?

Ex from Hell I got to pay her back
Take your money Princess from a Pauper Rat
I'm sitting on the shitter writing this song to you
Ex from Hell, what else do you think I'd do?


By my name you shall know me

Sure footed were our steeds at the Battle of the Trees
I am Math of Mathonwey son of Amaethon if you please
I fought the King of Annwn to steal his Roe and Hound
I taught magic to Gwydion who guessed the name of Bran

By my name you shall know me
You shall know me by my name

My people were the people of the Goddess named Danu
The Tuatha de Danaan warriors brave and true
Bronze age Pelasgians expelled from ancient Greece
Who found themselves in Ireland though their numbers had increased

Gwydian is my brother my father's name is Don
Danu is our mother the Goddess three in one
At this battle of Cad Goddeu we won the secret name
Past Cerebus the three head dog he who guards the gate

I was first boy Gwion told to stir the cauldron
A potion for Afagddu him intelligent to make
He was the son of Ceredwin the sow Goddess I fear
Three hot drops got on my tongue I got right out of there

She chased me as a greyhound when I fled fleet as a hare
Salmon in the stream I became she as Otter followed me there
I shot up as a Wren as a Hawk she closed on me
So I became a grain of wheat very foolishly

An odd grain in her farmyard she as chicken ate me down
And there in her belly I did grow 'til nine months it came round
Twice-born and by Elphin found I made the court bards burble
I Taliesin shining brow outshone them as a child

I have been in an uneasy chair above the Spiral Castle
That Arthur raided drunkedly from where came back but seven
I have been at Glastonbury with Gwyn and his red eared mastiffs
My head spoke from Tower Hill 'til Arthur put his there

Crow-God am I and my sister's name is Bronwen
I was a King-Hero in England Wales and Ireland
I met Mananan on the ocean with his Crane-Bag full of letters
Then sailed to Electric Lady Island to make me feel better

I knew Fionn McColl who sucked his thumb in wonder
Adventurous son of a Hazel-God you see he was able
Glittering sprigs of Alder I bear on my shield and in my hand
So it was quick witted Gwydion knew my name was Bran


Dead Dog Blues

Dead dog
Dead dog lying in the road
Dead dog
Dead dog lying in the road
You know I love that doggie
Ooh Lord goodness knows

So sad
Won't hear your bark no more
So sad
Won't hear your bark no more
I buried your bones
Right outside my door

So long
So long but you're not gone
So long Johnnie
So long but you're not gone
Got your skeliton, Johnnie
Tattooed on my arm


Rocksteady Boat

If you have lost what you had gained
Was there something found when you made that change?
Sea of sorrow is deep and wide
No one gets to the other side
Compass broke but we got the stars
God willing we'll get that far

Sea of rage and sea of pain
Stormy seas, thunder lightening and rain
Smell the salt like I smell the fear
Ain't no homely place that's near
I sang my song until I cried
When no one sung me a lullaby

(Chorus x 1)

Dippin' in the waves up upon the prow
I got here only God knows how
Ship's company is the ship of fools*
I only hope that they thought this through
Cutting up the main like a crystal knife
Sailing for love through the day and night

It's a rock, rocksteady boat
See you coming, the only thing left afloat
When all else was floundering, you stayed upright
When all else was beneath the waves you sailed through the night
And you are sailing to me across the shining sea


Come forth all ye Bards

Come forth now all ye Bards
With truth against the world
Of mendacious lies of those
Who have turned and coiled
With venom to ensorcel men
To be less than who we are
Come forth now all ye Bards
Come forth all ye Bards

Come forth now all ye Bards
The danger is extreem
The limit is exceeded
The chalice is unclean
Men have truly lost their way
Poisoned are the trees
Come forth now all ye Bards
Cause blind minds to see

Come forth now all ye Bards
And wreathe us all in love
Of poetry that is not words
And does neither push nor shove
Itself to recognition
In the hearts of all
Come forth now all ye Bards
Lest we truly fall

Come forth now all ye Bards
Or give machines control
And cancer spread like a contagious wind
Smothering our souls
There is nothing for it
We have to play our roles
Come forth now all ye Bards
And let our tale unfold

Come forth now all ye Bards
And let us be unsprung
Let our tensions be let out
Let our song be sung
There are good and bad amongst us
Each a piece of the whole
Come forth now all ye Bards
And let the good times roll

(repeat first voice)


The Ruins of Cezerans

Broken stone testaments to lives lived up here before
Quite simply put the men were called up for the war
With the lure of the city money, the hardship of the land
This village became deserted now it's houses barely stand

Broken roofs, moss covered, fallen walls in thorny briars
Tall trees have crashed down upon where once were family fires
A sense of melancholy, a bitter taste of loss
Neon lights invited but what was the true cost?

Oh, the Ruins of Cezerans
Oh, the Ruins of Cezerans

The winter times in the mountains were known to be severe
Bears and Wolves were still around which brought it's own weight of fears
People worked the sunlight hours, their only food came from the land
Turnip soup with nettles and no electricity's helping hand

Taxed by distant ministries, oppression stories rich feeding on poor
Their animals, land and dwellings were what these families lived for
I recall their times to live again in rhyme
Wonder at their tenacity, would have loved to have shared their wine

Oh, the Ruins of Cezerens
Oh, the Ruins of Cezerans

I touch the crafted masonry and silent spirits move
Cobwebs of a former time that instil a sombre mood
Yet I also see them joyous when harvest time did bring
Food for all their children, I can almost hear their voices sing

But a persistant state of misery a sad and stifled pain
Hangs here in the forest, comes once again like rain
If I could lift that sorrow like I lift this stone
Build from all our yesterdays a way that is worth going

Oh, the Ruins of Cezerans
Oh, the Ruins of Cezerans



Up on the hill there's still a wolftrap
Sheep in a deep hole, Wolf he jump right in
He can't get out and they stick him with spears and arrows
That's the way to deal with him

Chorus:(between each stanza)

Wolfman calling from a primaeval view
Wolfman is howling inside of you

Wolf is fear, Wolf is danger
Wolf will kill you in the middle of the night
But there's another side to the story
Wolf has his own sense of what is right

Deep in mythic story telling
Wolf is going to gobble you up
But there are people who have mingled
Wolves can accept you if you smell like them

If they get our scent of blood
Then we are his meat my friend believe me
If spilling blood is is our daily thing then
We had better watch out or we will be their tea

Wolves can keep you safe from danger
They very clever they could save your skin
They love their family, Wolves are loyal but you
Gotta be careful who eats which bit of meat!

Up on the hill there's still a Wolftrap
Sheep in a deep hole and he jump right in
He can't get out and they stuck him with spears and arrows
Is that the way to deal with him?


Who am I?

I am the night within the sun
I am the fear in everyone

I am the failure I am mistake
I am the Kingdom that once was great

I am the terror that stirs behind thought
I am the eagle that never was caught

I am the needle I am the thread
I am the life that once was dead

I am the waveform I am the drop
I am that which cannot be got

I am release and I am constraint
I am the smile that is a complaint

I am justice I am the Law
I am that which we have come here for

I am the vision that is of the blind
I am that which you never can find

I am the father within the son
I am the race that is never won

I am decay but never remorse
I am that which has finished it's course

Who am I?
Who am I?
Who am I?
I am who


!!Calling Captain Okano!!

A Pok O' Lips was born at 20:12
That's twelve past eight in the evening
We scattered my Mother as Fukushima blew
March the Tenth in the morning (English Time)

Sunspots pulled the magma beneath the
Techtonic plates in the Pacific
We saw the tsunami on the TV and
It looked really horrific

Are we looking through a bleak portal of doom?
At a radio-active future?
Is technology really killing us
Or will we do something new yeah?

Planet Earth is hurtling back in time
Back to the womb she was born in
Got to get in rhythm with the mighty cosmic core
We're heading straight into a strange old door!



Calling out to the Rainbow Tribe
Calling across the ocean
Calling over from Britain to Japan
Can you feel this emotion?

Centering in on a prayer to heal
Straight to the heart of the problem
Music is love that can transform poison
Music is making a difference

How can we tell our nuclear industry
Is is just not that easy
We got to deal with the toxic waste
The death-cloud radiation pollution

Music is sharing a vision space
Over the oceans between us
Centre on sending a prayer of love
A transformative solution


Captain Okano I believe you
when you say so truly to me
Music can heal the land of Japan
So let's make this Rainbow because we can

There is no Japanese word for 'crisis'
'Great opportunity' is what you say
Let us go for that one right now
We will show the world to find out how

There are people from all the nations
Sending their prayer to you now
All those nations got their own Starship problems
I know a Dala-Man who can help

Astral Field Wing Commander Dave Goodman
Orbits nearby in his Mandala Spaceship
We follow his vision, these are his words:
"Music can help heal the Earth!"



The Apple of God

Once inside a garden God put a seed into the ground
He nurtured it with rain and sun the whole year round
This garden was a hilltop, there grew an apple tree
It's fruit was very succulent, it was God's industry

And God saw the apple was good for men
And as the years turned the apples grew again
The apples grew a plenty there was enough to go round
As more apple trees grew when the fruit fell to the ground

God saw for many years that man was well supplied
Yet man was rather greedy and never satisfied
In an orchard paradise we felt we needed more
And so it was that man first conspired to make a war

To bring the war machines to life we chopped down many trees
And when we made destruction well some of us were pleased
And some were not so pleased and some were even less
And some were not pleased at all as you might well have guessed

I walked along my special path unto my sacred tree
That apple tree that fed me when Autumn turned Wintery
I saw one apple left on the tree, one apple was all I did see
Old Bill Blake was sitting there and I sat down by he

"How the world has changed", said he "Since In wrote my poetry"
"Yes you saw it all" I said and to this he could but agree
Just then the war-machine rolled up to our spot
And Bill jumped up and we jumped on and gave it all we'd got

God cut in a lightening bolt but little more could do
And Bill and I felt we had bitten off more than we could chew
A brilliant flash, a resounding crash and we were almost gone
But the tree stood strong and it's earthly fruit shone

Then we spied on the horizon a truly dread filled sight
Legion machines of corporate might
Uranium powered with searchlights on top
Satanic mills that began to chop

All that was left after the atomic blast
Was a small sector of heaven, mostly hell burning fast
The apple of God was resting on the hill
And an eschaton cloud was moving in for the kill

I looked at the apple and suddenly knew
That all the fears I had had they were true
So I grasped the apple and planted it's seed
For it was now that we were most truly in need

And what happens next I shall leave to you
For it's only a song and it might not be true
As I speak from the future then this is a clue
Should the seed grow then we shall grow too



You are the Key

Whoever you want to be
Whatever you want to see around you
It's all made in the crucible of you
In the eye of your eye where you reside

Wherever you want to go
Whenever you want to know something badly enough
Why ever do we cry?
It's all made of you
And it wants to come through
You are the Key

Authorities are slime when they tax upon your time
But something more sublime is hidden deep inside
And all the while you were waiting waiting waiting
Don't you wait any longer

It seems like a mystery
People always sufforing never free, from constraints around them
But your circumstance surrounds the basic fact
Of you yes you, you are the Key

So you started on
A road where you belong, truly
That may be short or long
But my friend you'll make it in the end and on the way you'll find

...that (repeat first 2 verses and finish)


Andrew Treneere Harvey

What is that gurt thumping noise?
It's his boots a-stomping
I met him down in St Austell
When we were more young

He taught me my first Irish songs
And usually did the singing
I was learning mandolin
Did more my own songs

Clad in black and don't look back
Playing on the banjo
Nor money nor honey does he lack
Andrew Treneere Harvey

I joined in his busking troupe
The Thieving Gypsy Bastards
With Peet Coombes God rest his soul
I hope he hears this song

Not seen Andy in so long
Wonder what he's doing
Liam says he taught him songs
And also called him Bard

He took the piss out of me
For my drama study
Andy would never enrol
Saying you don't need it

I learnt lots there but think that too
It's called autodydactic
Teaching yourself
Is a way of keeping hold of your brain

He'll get a heaving rhythm going
Banging with his feet-o
His lyrics picked for mind blowing
If your ears can hear

As well as the street busking
There was skipping too
On Old Truro Road
We had our abode


Could you call him inventive?
Would he accept creative?
Writing backwards fluidly
Is really quite a skill

Once I dreamed a dream
Of his milliput figurines
There is much more I could say
But I'll leave him a mystery



Desecrating Soldier's Hill
(To the tune of 'the rising of the moon')

At Soldier's Hill in '98 was where the Irish fought
Independance from the English was what it was they saught
Adding insult to injury a road has been built there
By the Irish government to show how much they care
Within a mile of Tara an interchange will kill
Any chance of peace there desecrating Soldier's Hill
Desecrating Soldir's Hill desecrating Soldier's Hill
There'll be no peace on Tara desecrating Soldier's Hill

We'd like to know John Gormley why has this had to come
Was it a backhander that persuaded you to turn
The E.U. gave you money but seem to have no clout
With your M3 that's illegal why don't they come and sort you out
Like one baleful moaning banshee the road with noise will fill
All the Gabhra Valley desecrating Soldier's Hill
Desecrating Soldier's Hill desecrating Soldier's Hill
With your M3 that's illegal desecrating Soldier's Hill

So boys and girls put your boots on before the rising of the sun
We'll head on down to Soldier's Hill a battle to be won
No one gives the order but everyone has come
Lou has got the car keys and we have brought a drum
And with a peaceful protest of direct action skills
We expose invaders desecrating Soldier's Hill
Desecrating Soldier's Hill desecrating Soldier's Hill
We expose invaders desecrating Soldier's Hill

Erasing the ancestors is the sneaky game
Of the N.R.A. roadmakers when they stumble on remains
Destroying all the evidence because they fear the truth
Of Irish deep root history and that it could raise the roof
On all the preconceptions with which people's heads are filled
Now everybody knows they're desecrating Soldier's Hill
Desecrating Soldier's Hill Desecrating Soldier's Hill
Now everybody knows they're desecrating Soldier's Hill
....they're building a great interchange bang on Soldier's Hill
....they swerved their six lane motorway straight through Soldier's Hill

(repeat first verse)

Written at Tara, October 2007



I didn't know Humpty Dumpty was a cannon on a wall
Or why it was Jack and Jill had such a dreadful fall
What was the Red Queen up to shouting "Off with their heads"
For this had all been sung to me whilst in my nursery bed

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
All the Kings Horses and all the Kings Men
Couldn't put Humpty together again

Then all the jelly babies and candy coloured words
Came out of spots upon the backs of little lady birds
And all of us pretended that they were not cluster bombs
But as we sang a bell it rang and we knew something was wrong

The Lion and the Unicorn were fighting for the crown
The Lion beat the Unicorn all over town
Some gave them white bread, some gave them brown
Some gave them plum cake and drummed them out of town

Now the war is over we have uneasy peace
And all the little children sleep uneasy sleep
With lullabies and nursery rhymes to keep us safe at night
For heavens and for goodness' sake we must not give them fright

Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockleshells and pretty maids all in a row
Here comes a candle to light you to bed
Here comes a chopper to chop off your head

I am but a poor boy
Spending time when I can
By the banks of a lake where I come
To get away from all the others
Who think me rather strange
But I don't mind
I come here often
And when people are unkind

I'm a Superboy
I got atomic toys
I'm going crazy

I make a noise
I can annoy
But you won't phase me

I'm coming to you through the mirror
Are you getting a little glimmer

I got the time
To unwind
I am becoming

I'm on the line
Another kind
My motors running

But I got nowhere to go today
And the visions I see
They do dismay

I saw a world where
We could share
Inside this world where
We don't care
A world full of vacant stares
Don't tell me there's nothing there
Don't tell me there's nothing here

I know it's as real as you feel
I know it's not a bum deal
It's something that can be revealed
I know it has to be real
I know it must be real

Hansel and Gretel
In a gingerbread house
With gobstopper servants
And a sherbet mouse

Little Red Riding Hood
Old Mother Goose
Oranges and Lemons
All on the loose

Watch out! Beware!
There are Monsters hiding there

The Owl and the Pussycat
Little Bo Peep
Cat's in the cradle
Counting sheep

Ring o' ring a roses
London Bridge is falling down
Give me criss cross Lollipop
Let's get out this town!

Watch out! beware!
There are people hiding there

Watch out! Beware!
There are children hiding there

Won't you listen to my story
Won't you listen to my story
Won't you listen to my story

Won't you listen to my story
There's a man in the crowd
Who don't know his own name
And if you listen to my story
You'll find he ain't proud
Of his social game
He sees his life unfold
Like the moon in a pool
And if you listen to my story
You'll find which is which
And who is the fool

My life is very small
But I don't mind
I can stretch to the end of the bed
It's a new horizon
I feel OK
When I breathe deeply
And if you meet me
I would love to say hello
It keeps me going
To know there are others

I'm a regular man
I laugh when I can
I'm not crazy

Childhood's gone
Ever so long
My memory's hazy

In the playground we used to play games
Until the bell brought us back again

On two buckle my shoe
Jack and Jill ran up the hill
Baa baa black sheep have you any wool?
Three four knock at my door
I saw Esau sitting on a see-saw
She sells seashells on the seashore
Five six pick up sticks
Jack be nimble Jack be quick
Half a pound of tuppenny rice
Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie
Pop goes the weasel a pocket full of rye
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Seven eight lay them straight
It's raining it's pouring the old man's snoring
I'm a little teapot short and stout
Incy wincy spider climbing up the spout
Nine ten big fat hen
With a nick nack paddy whack give a dog a bone
She lays eggs for gentlemen
Eleven twelve dig and delve
Hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle
There was a crooked man and he walked a crooked mile
Thirteen fourteen maids a courting
Higgeldy piggeldy my black hen
All the Kings horses and all the Kings men
Fifteen sixteen maids in the kitchen
Simple Simon met a pieman
The mouse ran up the clock
Seventeen eighteen maids in waiting
The Queen of Hearts made some tarts all on a summer's day
Nineteen twenty my plate's empty
Cackle cackle Mother Goose
Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross

Rock-a-by baby on the tree top
When the bough bends the cradle will rock
When the bough bends the cradle will fall
Down will come cradle baby and all

Hang on my darling
Hang on my darling
Hang on my darling
It's nearly time to go

With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes
She shall have music wherever she goes


The Forgotten Few (To the tune of 'the foggy dew')

A welcome sight met my sorrow filled eyes
When contractors built as motorway in Meath
Rugged women and men their ways did blend
To end this greedy profit driven scheme
Out of the morning mist onto bulldozers
Clambered up this strong determined crew
With many shouts and cheers they passed me near
The lost and forgotten few

Who were these resolute women and men
Who came with many peaceful means
To Tara's Hills with indomitable will
'Gainst contracrors violent state machinery
That is ripping the heart out of Irish soil
'Till no Ireland will remain at all
My legs wet with dew I climbed up too
To join the lost forgotten few

From the mist and dew this resourceful crew
Came with whiffs of bacon, spliffs and brew
It seemed that rainbows fled when the diggers of dread
Trashed it large where pretty flowers once grew
In fields of lush green countryside
Sold out to a corporation cruel
What a waste what a mess it was that greeted the view
Of the sadly lost forgotten few

A motley bunch of many types
With veterans and young alike
From old Twyford Down and all places around
We came to Tara, mess we found
With a drink and a song up on the jib with arms locked on
Pitting body self and mind against machines
All to stop the road that is coming through
The not to be forgotten few

From Soldier's Hill to Collier's town
The rape of land is going on
With ancesters graves by diggers open splain
It greatly stirs the people's ire
When lies by government bodies leave
A trail of churned up meadows we do rue
The loss and at what cost to those fair flowers and moss
Come join the lost forgotten few

As the pockets of S.I.A.C. by misdeeds are filled
With the coins of the conned are lined
With a double toll when the cars do roll
What will complacent people find?
No Emerald Isle but a polluted pile
Of infra-structure of the petrol cult
As if Finn's return were now coming true
The lost now not forgotten few

Go back to the hill go back to the Skryne
Comes the call to all the gallant Na Fienna
Remember the ancient lives of those
Whom the modern world would have us forget
For with the memory of fairer ways
Comes the falling of the fat cats foul
And corrupt stench of roads built with motives oh so low
Is conquered by the glorious few

Written in the company of the few at Rath Lugh and Tara Hill in October 2007


The Trumpets of Tara
Trumpets of Tara (to the tune of 'High Germany'.)

I caught the ferry over to Ireland's emerald shores
Because I heard the Trumpets of Tara's ancient call.
I heard the Trumpets calling they call to one and all
All because of a motorway they're building at Tara Hall
All because of a motorway they're building at Tara Hall

A vigil camp is sited there which keeps a sacred flame
Remembering the warriors it burns there in their name
Lest the steel machinery erase their memories tall
And forgotten be Ireland's history and the Kings of Tara's Halls
And forgotten be Ireland's history and the Kings of Tara's Halls

And to this flickering flame come the warriors of this age
Challenging authorities but not in violent rage
Courageous to confront this cunning corrupt evil
That eats away at the memory of ancient Tara Hill
That eats away at the memory of ancient Tara Hill

I am an outsider I come from Albion
So there's no way thay I can preach about what's going on
I came when I heard the Trumpets and that is all I know
You shall not be forgotten noble Kings of Tara Hill
You shall not be forgotten noble Kings of Tara Hill

The graves of Soldier's Hills are by bulldozers opened wide
And nearby at Rath Lugh much older remains do lie
It's only dirt and stones one Irish security told
He's forgotten his land and his heritage to dig up Tara's Hills
He's forgotten his land and his heritage to build this flippin' road

Now the companies have millions and the folk have a few quid
With compulsary purchase the land is bought up quick
But for todays warriors there'd be a deathly still
Consigned to an oblivion the meaning of Tara Hill
Consigned to an oblivion the meaning of Tara Hill

The faerie folk of Finn McCool and the Tuadhe de Danaan
Are due to save old Ireland when they make their return
Seeing as they've been dug up here in the Gabhra Valley
We can be sure of victory remember Tara Hill!
We can be sure of victory remember Tara Hill!

The words to this song were written on top of Tara Hill in October 2007


You don't know who I am

If you see me strumming and look the other way
If you think I'm bumming, just caught up in the sway
If you think that I think that someone else should pay
Then you don't know who I am

If you have the idea that status maketh man
As I have no status this I cannot countermand
But if you think that status is what I understand
You don't know who I am

If you think I want to rebel yell and tear down all the walls
Well I think that is incredible please do tell me more
But if you think society don't have no cracks or flaws
Then you don't know who I am

If you think my head is full of unrealistic ideals
And you'd laugh at me if I said that we could make 'em real
If you feel that bitterness is all there is to feel
Then you don't know who I am

If you think that progress is going very far
If you think that I think we could get there in a car
If you think that my song has really got no heart
Then you don't know who I am

If you can see a paradise between the paving slabs
If you can see a common touch between whites and Arabs
If you cannot see these things the whole world could collapse
And you don't know who I am

If you think I'm someone else that you knew before
Well I might seem like them but that's what I deplore
Just look a little deeper before you shut the door
'Cos you won't know who I am


I'll meet you there
I can see the sun a shining upon a freedom place
-I will meet you there
I can see that sun a shining all upon your saddened face
-I will meet you there
-I'll meet you there, I'll meet you there
-I will meet you there

Can you feel that wind a blowing us all on the long way home
Did you walk along that path that only souls have known

There is to the countryside that we are standing on
There is to the war that never has begun

As I live this life I will do the best I can
My only desire is that it fits the bigger plan

And when the spirit moves there is nothing can't be done
For when we move as one our battles all are won

And when they lower me I'll be no longer here
For I'll be pushing daisies in the land beyond all fear

And when I do return it will be a brighter day
In case you are concerned it still rains each other day
Posted by Pokstar at 10:28



I was a seeker for sacred grail rhymes
In this land of uncertain times
I saught for the Dragon I had heard exists
That could teach us something we'd missed

I went to the country where warriors bold
Guard such treasures that are beyond gold
But to my surprise as their wise one beckoned me
They were Gnomes, but two foot high by our reckoning


The Gnome Druid said I must to Annwn go
That's the underworld in case you didn't know
So I set sail with some crew in a ship
Only seven returned that old holy grail gave me the slip

I was plunged into fevers of hot and cold
Saw hallucinations of things never told
Saw a tunnel of madness where in black voids I'd fall
And by these measures I knew it was my call


I came to a crossroads and Dragons saw none
And fell to my knees for the bad I had done
The sky rained down doom radiation of fear
I saw death motor pterodactyls flying very near

My prayer reached down to the core of the ground
My mind became it's own holy ground
It was then that I heard that wing beating sound
And there flying high the Dragons I'd found


So I went to the East where the Dragons are blue
And electrical breath they breathe it is true
Through the shattered and scarred lands the wastelands we've made
A Dragon breathed and it showed me the way

He took me way high above the city's maze
Where smoke phantoms of toxic haze
Hazard the day and dumb down the night
Pollute the mind and corrode the sight


The Dragon pointed with his gleaming claw
And I caught a sight that holds me forever in awe
The broken city it's energy transformed
And there beneath it the Grail's holy form

The Gnomes were working there with their tools and their skills
As they work ever the whole world to fill
With the wonder of real magic of story and truth
Of this here tale I can offer no proof


And I said
"Where do the Dragons come from?"
And they said
"Here in the Land of all Song"
And I said
"What if it all goes wrong?"
And they said
"Just hold on to one, you'll be carried
Just hold onto one, you'll be carried.
Just hold onto one, you'll be carried along
To the Land of all Song
To the Land of all Song
This is the Land of all Song
This is the Land of all Song"

Majestical and mystical a creature supra-physical
People power potent alchemy
Come together and be

(repeat as a looped phrase)


Codex Blues

Here he comes and he's dressed so clean
Making the cruelest deal there's ever been
Don't give me them Codex Blues

They take a plant to make the chemical stuff
But they just can't get enough
Hey hey, it's the Codex Blues

Can be a cure for you
Most or some of the time
Modern medicene
Should not be menacing
Don't make Grandma's remedies a crime!

Legislation, this is the scare
Making plants illicit everywhere
Oh no, it's the Copex Blues

Hey Mr Beecham, Mr Kline
For dealing drugs you should be doing time
Don't give me no Codex Blues

To the perky plucking of a 'Cocaine Blues'
or 'Staggerlee'


The Mariners Three

There were Mariners three on the silver sea
On the sea were Mariners three

And one was Greed and one One was Hate
And the other was Destiny oh yes
The other was Destiny

There were Mariners three on the silver sea
On the sea were Mariners Three

And one was Greed and one was Hate
And the other was Destiny

Tell me now my blue eyed son
Why do Mariners sail?
Oh there are two journeys that you take
And one of them is inside you, oh yes
The greatest one is inside you

The ship is all that Life entails
And Death the sea it sails

And Greed and Hate had been fighting of late
And a storm brewed in the air oh yes
A storm brewed in the air

The ship is all that Life entails
And Death the sea it sails

And Greed and Hate had been fighting of late
And a storm brewed in the air

Tell me now my blue eyed son
Why do you Mariners sail?
Oh there are two journeys that you take
And one of them is inside you, oh yes
The greatest one is inside you

Now Destiny says "Listen boys,
Can you hear that thunder sound"

But Greed and Hate preferred to fight
And so they nearly drowned oh yes
So they nearly drowned

Now Destiny says "Listen boys
Can you hear that thunder sound

But Greed and Hate preferred to fight
And so they nearly drowned

Tell me my blue eyed son
Why do Mariners sail?
Oh there are two journeys you can take
And one of them is inside you
The greatest one is inside you

The ship went down with a gurgling sound
Struck by a lightning bolt

And the fueding two had to cling to a raft
All in the sea so cold oh yes
All in the sea so cold

The ship went down with a gurgling sound
Struck by a lightening bolt

And the fueding two had to cling to a raft
All in the sea so cold

Tell me now my blue eyed son
Why do Mariners sail?
Oh there are two journeys you can take
The greatest one is inside you


Tony Blair

Tony Blair look good he got the face
Got that smile and social grace
Prime Minister or Prime Suspect
Who or what does he protect?

Someone called him Bomber Blair
'Cos we're such friends to America
George W. Bush said "Let 'em roll"
And on Iraq the bombs took toll

Hey Hey Moma, something's going on around here
It's Yankee Doodle Dandy walking with Tony Blair

Spinnin' script writers they got the story
You just knew it was going to get gory
War on Iraq was a pre-emptive strike
Well have you ever heard the like?

Has anyone ever wondered in the U.K.
About this obsession with the U.S.A.
Is it healthy is it sane?
Or have we all been flushed down the drain?

Hey hey Moma something's going wrong around here
It's Yankee Doodle's poodle, A.K.A Tony Blair

Well now people do you believe
Everything that you receive?
What goes on behind closed doors
Sex it up to justify war

Where was the threat to our national security?
It was a message that lacked a certain purity
Alistair Campbell and his 40 minute scare
Not one jot of truth in there

Hey hey Moma something's going wrong around here
It's Tony's belligerent accomplice; Campbell, Alistair

Tony got ambition, he's taken it far
Likes to be seen with big Rock Stars
He don't mind if they sniff cocaine
See 'em in the papers, he's on top again

Public opinion public opinion
It's a mighty sway-able thing
Watch out all you peoples
What's the next one gonna bring?

Hey hey Moma something's going wrong around here
It's that failed rock-band manager. Presenting; Mr Tony Blair

Tony make a deal with a supermarket
He know his public don't want no more
Tony say one thing and do another
Tony do a trick with a revolving door

His wife bought a flat over in Bristol
Seems they got it on a whistle
The story broke and they got out
That was one law they couldn't flout

All you benefit frauds you better take care
But what you get is such a small share
Tax evasion is the rich man's way
Robin Hood come back today

Hey hey Moma, whose this poking 'round here?
It's our guide to moral virtue, Prime Minister Blair

As a war criminal he could be tried
But Blair tells us he never lied
He acted on what needed to be done
Didn't ya see that smoking gun?

Who pulls the strings? We know who wears the mask
If so, can they be brought to task?
Alistair and Tony are just the ones we see
What is the real identity?

Hey hey Moma, something something's in the air
Is it a bird? A plane? A lizard? Oh, it's only Tony Blair

I saw him in the paper putting down the Blues
Reds and Green-ers and in-betweeners
Will they all take us to the cleaners?

I'm singing about Tony, but would he care?
Off on a yacht with his billionaires
Lecturing all the World on peace
Will these wonders ever cease?

Hey hey Moma, something's gone wrong around here
Is that Jesus Christ our Saviour? I thought it was Tony Blair


(Why are we) Fighting in Afghanistan?

I don't pretend to know much about 'just what's going on'
But have a burning feeling so I wrote it down in song
What is plain to see is that we are in a war
But what I do not get is what we are there for
I guess you could brand it all as conspiracy theories
But I simply want to know what the truth is

Politician, politician please tell me if you can
Why are we fighting in Afghanistan?

I don't want to dis the soldiers they have enough on their plate
But just what is the reason will someone please relate
Is it Osama Bin Laden hiding in a cave?
Threatening our shopping malls in messages he gave
But are we sure it was the Taliban that did the 9/11 show?
Come on now somebody, I really want to know

Politician, politician please tell me if you can
Why are we fighting in Afghanistan?

Talk is of a pipeline to run oil through Afganistan
A conspiratorial theorum that is not hard to understand
As oil can make you rich and some people like that
If you control the oil fields then you are a Top Cat
But politicians deny this it is made so clear
Soldiers fight to let us keep on shopping without fear

Politician, politician please tell me if you can
Why are we fighting in Afghanistan?

Or is it that we want lots of poppy and the herb?
Some people would want me to eat my words
Heroin and hashish are often traded for arms
It couldn't be our government would want to cause us harm
But the flower on your lapel is red with people's blood
And that flower is opium which is traded here in floods

Politician, politician please tell me if you can
Why are we fighting in Afghanistan?

The cause of our regrets they call the Terrorist threat
This is something we are told never to forget
But do you remember what clear Hans Blik said?
Weapons of Mass Destruction were not in Saddam's shed
The Axis of Evil it covers a large cache
Of different coloured people we're told we have to blast

Politician, politician please tell me if you can
Why are we fighting in Afghanistan?

It's a threat to democracy from several other lands
A largely Muslim people, mountains and lots of sand
Terrorists everywhere who hate whites to the core
And want to start up a Jihad Holy War
Koran against the Bible oh no not again
We burn all the bridges and bomb them like rain

Politician, politician please tell me if you can
Why are we fighting in Afghanistan?

It's like the Crusaders in the times Medieval
Who went out to overthrow the Saracen infidel
In Jerusalem in Palestine and through the Levantine
Looks like it's going on still in these times
We didn't learn our lesson we couldn't win it then
They know one thing and that is how to fight us to a man

Politician, politician please tell me if you can
Why are we fighting in Afghanistan?

Could it be the immense revenue that made out of wars
Especially ones that stretch out and never seem to pause
But roll and roll till the cities are quite flat
Truly the arms trade can rake it in with that
But that is not the reason that was said on the TV
Does terrorism wool our eyes and cause us not to see?

Politician, politician please tell me if you can
Why are we fighting in Afghanistan?

Is this some stupid theory I have voices in my head
That tell me not to think that but to think this instead
And why did we go in there and why are we there now?
All our soldiers are dying it is too much to allow
None of it seems right I think I smell a rat
Alistair and Tony, can you answer that?

Politician, politician I don't believe you can
Tell me why we are fighting in Afghanistan.


Jack Cade

Ol' Jack Cade was a revolution man
In 1450 he made his stand
Wars of the Roses bled the country dry
The common people made a cry
Saying "Fie opon your taxes King Henry
Fie opon your lawyers and your ministry
You lost us France and have got debts
To hell with your bribery and favorites"

The King went to Warwickshire to take refuge
The people to Southwark in revolution mood
Five thousand rebels all came up through Kent
To take their grievance to the government
It wasn't just the peasant but Lord and Magnate too
They made a manifesto demanding what was due
Saying that the King is not above the Law
But that the Law is what he's put there for

They paused at the London Boundary stone
Which Cade he then struck with his sword
This by tradition made him Lord Mayor
He said he was related to the Mortimers
Then they all marched over London Bridge
To the Guildhall then the Tower their demands to give
They captured and beheaded the Lord Treasurer
Displayed his head on a spike with several others

Then Cade and some rebels had a looting spree
Which he had often said was not going to be
Officials gathered forces down at the Bridge
To stop them in their riot of violent rage
Bloodshed lasted there all through the next day
Insurgents taking heavy casualties
Till Archbishop and Chancellor Lord John Kemp
Persuaded Jack Cade to make it end

Promises were made to grant demands in full
Official pardons were given round as well
Yet very soon many were made to die
Cade was killed and quartered on the Twelfth of July
Does this history a moral tell?
That violence breeds the same very well
Remember now that these were brutal times
And today does seem to work on similar lines


Christian Crusaders

Come ye all, come on Crusade
The Infidel has broken through
These were words of Church and State.
God Wills it
God Will's it my Son
God Wills it
Come ye all come on Crusade
God Wills it

That Saracen, that swarthy man
He has done the very worst he can
And stolen Jerusalem
For their other God
For their other God no less
For their other God
They've stolen Jerusalem
For their other God

Our God is a vengeful one
Pope made a dispensation
Penitential Warfare
Will now get you to Heaven
Will now get you to Heaven
Will get you to Heaven
Penitential Warfare
Will now get you to Heaven

No more prayer for Salvation
All you have to do is kill
Kill the sinful Infidel
And your soul is saved
And your soul is saved my son
And your soul is saved
Kill the sinful Infidel
And your soul is saved

Leave your work and families
Come and join in Righteous Might
Christian Crusaders
Marching on to War
Marching on to War my lads
Marching on to War
Christian Crusaders
Marching on to War

So they came in thousands
And made for the Levantine
Across land and sea they went
And over mountains tall
Across the land and sea they went
Over the mountains tall
Across the land and sea they went
And over the mountains tall

But things didn't go quite as they wished
The Holy Land was not given to them on a dish
With ups and downs and some new Crowns,
Crusader States, their fall of late
Saladin and those like him
They'd never seen such sophisticated soldiers like these
Who crucially were on their own territory
The stakes were up the chips were down
Slowly over two hundred years and more
The Christian was beaten out of Town

Could we draw comparisons
With modern day Afghanistans
At very least regarding
War in their sandy lands?
War in their sandy lands you say?
War in their sandy lands
At very least regarding
War in their sandy lands

Oh how can these wars be won
They run rings round everyone
It's our overstepping greed
I think we should go home
I think we should go home you know
I think we should go home
It's our overstepping greed
I think we should go home

Back then in the first Crusades
What was it most progress made?
Frederick of Germany
Three nations made for free
Three nations made for free
Three nations made for free
For ten years our German Fred
Three nations made for free

He was more the diplomat
In Palestine he drew no sword
Bethlehem and Nazareth
Jerusalem got with words
Jerusalem he got with words
Jerusalem with words
Bethlehem and Nazareth
Jerusalem got with words

There had been more friendly times
Muslim/Christian balance fine
Tolerance on either side
But all of that it changed
All of that it changed for worse
All of that it changed
Tolerance on either side
But all of that it changed

The Templars took the knowledge down
Troubadours their Father found
What is ringing in this sound
That resonates today?
That resonates today
That resonates today
What is ringing in this sound
That resonates today?

Eleanor of Aquitaine was said to have canvassed dressed up as an Amazon
If that's not 'sexing up the dossier' on the campaign trail, I don't know what is
With the Spear of Destiny, Odo saved the day
When in rotting Antioch, besieged they lay
How do men easily believe
Anything in need
When taken in by clever spin
From past to future wars to win
While others grin and rake it in
The faces change the motives range
War's exploitation is the same
Who'll come and join the Crusade?


Pixie Recruiting Drive Song
(To the tune of Arthur McBride)

Come all ye brave pixies from all round this land
And bring a little something that only you can
All round this fair world we are being killed off
While the planet is taken for ransom
Its mined and built over and poisoned and choked
By corporation bandits in deceptive cloaks
Who'll take all they can till there's nothing left
And nothing will live here at all

Come warlock and warrior we need you all
Many pieces to the puzzle all parts of a whole
So join in this one because it's better than
Death culture as life masquerading
And all round this one world I do have to say
Is on amber to red alert so don't be afraid
Pixies come dance to a transmuting tune
And we'll all come round again

Come hobgoblins leprecauns this is the fright
The road through Tara heads straight to endless night
Get active all pixies the land needs us
Bulldozers are ripping it's heart out
There's many mischiefs a pixie can find
To help the situation out of this sad bind
And under the flag of the gold harp on green
We'll show everyone how its done

If pixies aren't something you take seriously
And you never talked to the spirit in a tree
Then you don't know the first folk to care for this land
And welcome the sun in the morning
There's no sergeant major no papers to sign
Its direct it's action our lives are on the line
Whoever you are there is something to do
And you can be who you are

So this is the pixie's recruiting drive song
It's for desperate dreamers who want to carry on
Living in this world or maybe afar
But we wont have a chance without Mother
Come folk of the underworld help if you will
And take some action to ride out the ill
Wind that is blowing all round this fair globe
Pixies come out to play


Black Shamrocks

The name it is Erin
I am the most old
And millions of travellers
Have come to my shores
We built New York in friendship
Green shamrocks we'd gift
But now the black shamrock
Points out the rift

There's Hawks in the Shannon
Iraquis to kill
And they are deployed there
Not with our goodwill
Their prescense in Ireland
Is detested and wrong
We give you black shamrocks
You do not belong

"Remove all the bombers"
Protestors did ask
But Mary contrary
Attacked one with an axe
Costing millions of dollars
To an aeroplane of shame
We send you black shamrocks
'Cause she ain't to blame

Over in England
Court cases were won
The Fairfield Five
Aquitted each one
The war is illegal
This much it proves
We'1l send you black shamrocks
Until you move

Ireland's occupation
Eight hundred years old
Always oppressors
This much I know
American bombers
Last in a long line
Its time for black shamrocks
To highlight the crime

The scourge war and progress
The world it cloaks
The terrorist threat
A constructed hoax
A cancer that eats
At the people's freedom
Deserving black shamrocks
'Till freedom comes

Written after the night Pixie, myself and others went down from Rath Lugh one sunday night to sing in a pub in Navan. After the near fights and song riposte I spoke to a woman wearing a small badge sporting the image of a black shamrock. I asked her what it was.


The Cause of War

The cause of war I might well say, is never very far away
When communication's down and frowns are all we wear
It sneaks into the unknown ground and makes it's deals right there
It's silver tongue gets everyone involved inside a snare

The history books tell it so well, we should not need reminding
That at each turn with bridges burned, mutual hate was binding
Us into a fearful state as war was all we were finding
The black night had stol'n our sight and to our fates was blinding

I had a friend, a friend so true, we'd see any situation through
We were two lines but then one time, our nation split our lives in two
For country for creed for some stupid need, we were forced to bear emnities
Each fight against him we found it a sin and wished to return to our pleasantries

So make a prayer before the end I called to the other barrio
We cannot waste this precious time, make haste and do not tarry-o
And in that dark, we lit a spark, each from opposing sides married-o
And for an instant's link was made whilst the bullets o'er head did harry-o

And when the time came for the push I went, my head was fazing
Over we went, my mind was spent, my thoughts they stopped their racing
And in that hell of lead-shot rain, I heard my name, then stabbing pain
I fell into the mud to lay as the grenades and gunshot went blazing

And as I lay I had a dream such as like I have never seen
And saw them freely speaking lies, oh so many worm-tongues squeaking
The cause of war that we deplore is manufactured hate
I woke to wish these lies untied, but I just lay there bleeding

Now others on that stinking bridge were watching all the while in dread
For any who would come the way, cross No Man's Land by orders led
"Avaunt take Heed to this Decree", it was a Spirit speaking
A comet sped over our heads, across the sky went streaking

All soldiers stood in holy awe, they could not fire a shot no more
The Spirit spoke and it spoke strong, it spoke of that which they did long
Equanimity and family, to be free from political intrigue
And with it's voice it gave a choice, which to a man did please

Whose was this voice you may well ask? Who was this commanding Spirit?
That non-corporeal had them held, then took their lost soul and filled it?
It was the fact of all who'd died led by mendacity madness
The jaws of war could make gore no more, the claws could cause no sadness


Do you remember the Rainbow Centre?

Do you remember the London Rainbow Centre
Early 90's 420 Kentish Town Road
It was a church but we were pagan ravers
Eco-mental pixies come to save the world

Did you go to a rave there once on a full moon
Sit in a circle, paint your face or chant some Om?
Did you practice what you preach up on the One Love
Did you take it down the Tube and into Babylon?


Did you meet any of the Dongas Tribe there
Resting up from protesting Twyford or Solsbury Hill?
Where machines were cutting up the scenery
Which the D.O.T's stinking tarmac lanes now fill

Did you wear a crochet top? (like me)
Did you make a bender in the pews?
Did you pop up Hampstead Heath for a breather?
Or perhaps drop by for to pop some pills?

It was perfect anarchy at the Rainbow Centre
Activists and children doing it themselves
Shakers and makers at the Rainbow Centre
Teched-up, loved-up mainframe-wired
Environmental Elves


We would go down for a demo in the City
And end up at Cooltan in Cold Harbour Lane
Leightonstone and Wandsworth didn't want the M11
Do the London circuit, Clairmont Road and back again

Colourful information boards to give the picture
On actions of activists and what you can do
D-I-Y culture, Empowerment through Action
Autonomous groups came and met, but only one loo


The police never bothered us at the Rainbow Centre
Even though it got truly skaggy come the end
They gave the cases they could not handle to us
"Take me to the Rainbow Centre" cried one guy off his head

There was a fire one party night in the Creative Space
Fire Brigade came, we had to leave the place
En masse in dribs and drabs we headed out to Newbury
After which 'environmental damage' became a household phrase


Those days '93 through '96 there was less greenwash
After Newbury road-protest everyone knew the score
And nagging feelings hidden beneath the surface
Were manipulated by ad-men, the fucking whores

I was there at the Rainbow Centre
It was the time of my life I'll tell
You wouldn't believe what went on at the Rainbow Centre
For a time we were invincible



Though this is true

Chorus: (after each verse)

Here's a tale, I tell it true, concerning abuse of power
And unhappy lives it leaves behind, growing more each and every hour

Far oversea did Europe go, to fill the New World untainted
So took that World by force of war, before we were very much aquainted

With hypocrisy of church and state, and their lust for gold, which could not wait
Though Quaker colonies I do not implicate, the land was stripped of Man Innate

The Wars of Independence, of which in history lessons you will have heard the date
Were all on the land of a butchered race, the like of which will never be seen again

With the trade of slaves and tobacco, which take dignity from a man
From Jamestown out the modern world was made, from such bad seed began

Though Independence had it's declaration, such a high-minded concept
What came to pass wasn't quite so fine and left us with reasons for regret

The years went by and with new technologies, the world was getting smaller
From ships and guns to atomic bombs, the shadows they grow taller

And after World War number Two, many smaller wars ensued
Much the same but more, it's true, robbing poor peoples through and through

Now the many goods that the West consumes, little asking from where they issue
From chemical food to training shoes, are from countries very badly abused

And Shopping Malls in every town keep the exploitation High Street
Have sucked the very breath of life. Chrome and Glass are all we see

Such a system of production is not a ever-steady structure
The supermarkets rise, like Goliath's size, could fall hard and so be fractured

From Seattle to the City Mile, from Genoa, Prague and Copenhagen
People are smashed who raise the cry, protesting against the Institutions

And yet, beneath these Edifices of Modern Order, a song is sung that says "No more please"
People re-address the situation and cause awakefulness from this death grip dream


Treasures of the Heart

Can you hear the voices on the wind
What kind of messages do they bring?
Have you lived to tear your life apart
Or have you grown the Treasures of the Heart?


A maid was living in a tower tall
Her heart it could hold no love at all
She was isolated and in the end
She died up in her tower with no friend


A rose grew in the garden where that tower stood
It wanted to grow as it knew it could
It climbed up high upon the tower's wall
And plain amazed the sad, lost people all


Where have you been and where are you gone
Do you heed the words written in this song?
Cultivate the treasures of the heart
With kindness and love until we part

There are treasures of the storehouse
Treasures of the body there art
But most important of all
Are the Treasures of the Heart


Tom Paine


Tom Paine was a radical writer
A revolutionary pamphleteer
He was born in Thetford England
In Seventeen Thirty Seven

He came from a family of Quakers
Their profession was courset-makers
After several years at sea
And working excise duties
He sailed to Americay

Wars of Independence as a private he did support
"These are the times that try Men's souls" he did report


Jefferson the future president
Read a pamphlet called "Common Sense"
That was written by Paine and inspired
The Declaration of Independence

Common Sense it was widely read
But it didn't go to everybody's head
John Chalmers called him "A political quack"
John Adams called it "Crapulous Mass"

Newly formed Congress made him a secretary
And he met Iraquois Indians, saw harmony and dignity


But he lost his position it is true
When to secret talks with France he did allude
Paine was sent over there to aquire a loan
Returning with silver and gold

This improved his lot to be sure
They gave him an estate, he took little more
Franklin was involved and Washington too
The money went straight into their cause

This was the only real estate that Paine ever owned
In Bordertown New Jersey he made his intermittent home


When back in London in Seventeen Eighty Seven
Paine was living a private life
Revolution once again called his name
And he went back over to France

The Bastille fell in 'Eighty Nine
But it felt very different this time
Edmund Burke wrote a critique, "Reflections
On the Revolution in France"

Many people wrote replies but Paine's they wanted burned
His shocking, eloquent and dangerous 'The Rights of Man'


It was William Blake the poet
Who tipped Tom off to head for Paris
When the State cried "Sedition" and "Libel"
This was one boat he didn't miss

Paine was tried 'in absentia'
Because the government must have felt the fear
They had agents make hate mobs and burn effigies
Just to make their feelings clear

Paine answered, "If it is libellous to promote Universal Peace
And expose the fraud of Monarchy, let 'Libeller' be written on my grave"


Even though he spoke no word of French
Thomas Paine was elected Deputy
Of the National Convention
Where he voted with the Girondists

At the trial of King Louis the Sixteenth
It was said that Thomas Paine alone
Would have it that the King was granted
Asylum in America

After all, it was the Royalists who gave silver to his Revolution
Even for the Monarchy, he saw executions were no solution


Now Robespierre and the Montagnards
Had risen up into power
As an ally of the disfavoured Girondins
Paine was arrested and banged up in some tower

Knowing he might meet the guillotine
Thomas once again took up his pen
To assault established religion
With his book 'The Age of Reason'

A chalk 4 on the door meant death in the morn
But Paine was ill, the door ajar for a breeze, the mark was missed,
Death's Angel passed him o'er


The new American Minister to France
Successfully argued the case
For Paine's American citizenship
And he was re-admitted to the Electorate

He opposed the new constitution
Of Seventeen Seventy Five
It was a Montagnard document
Which for some the vote it denied

It is said that he met Napoleon and plotted an English Invasion
Bonaparte doted on Paine, who decided he was "The Completest Charlatan"


Paine believed that now America
Had betrayed Revolutionary France
French and English politics disgusted him
He was really losing friends very fast

Back to America he went
But his popularity it was spent
People had read his Age of Reason
-Too much for their deluded religion

Paine thought that Washington had abandoned him
And accused him of private betrayal and public hypocrisy


Thomas Paine died at age Seventy Two
When it seemed his reputation was through
Only six people came to his funeral
Including Negros two

"Shunned, abhored and execrated"
So many had wanted him dead
Though his name was dirt to most
"He preserved the poise of his soul"

Paine had been unshaken, his convictions remained intact
Still a freedom soldier, he never gave the hatred back


Paine had lived the life of a Deist
He said "My mind is my own church"
He thought that private ownership
Robbed the people of the Right of their birth

He proposed emancipating slaves
And also the pension for old age
And a National Fund for everyone
Compensating for land taken away

William Cobbett exhumed his bones and took them back to England
Where in youth, the jeering mobs at Thetford stocks made concern for justice his natural opinion

chorus: chorus: chorus


Seven stones

Seven stones three tears and one tree
Seven stones three tears and one tree

Cedar's black sap the bluebell's call
From Mutter's Moor behind red cliffs fall
Where the seven stones were placed
So long ago there's little trace

Yet remnants from the past returning
Mark the spell we don't know we're yearning

Mustering in dell and goyle
Echoes of that true Royal
That was not by war begat
But yet 'pon faerie throne is sat

On Beltane Eve I sat down low
And spoke the only prayer I know
On Mutter's top on Beltane eve
Magic that we there concieve

Three times round and then you'll see
Opening of magic tree
Sacred cedar's boughs unfurl
Way way down to the underworld

So seven stones they soon appeared
Through which the ancient ones most revered
Saw invisible and saw us in it all
Within the material coiled

Love that's trapped within some past
Or caught behind restraining glass
Breaks to freedom from the fear
Finds the tree that stood for years

Biding time that's wasted not
Here in this blessed coastal spot
Is all a dream all out of time
Is now the stream renewing rhyme

From seven stones so pours unseen
This the all remarkable dream
From past to future faerie few
Have woken up the sleeping muse

Seven stones three tears and one tree
This her all remarkable dream
All out flowing filling sorrows
Spelling out our rich tomorrows

Seven stones solid matter unseen
The path where our ancestors feet had been

Three the tears cedar's black sap
The song to our heart that our spirit lacks

One the tree mother of roots
Flowers and fruits father of lutes

Through hallow's night waiting for the light
Alder fires a burning bright
Sidmouth by the sea in the valley of the Sidhe
Magic that will ever be

Seven stones three tears and one tree
Seven stones three tears and one tree


Lost Troubadours

Lost troubadours we bring you sound
Exiles of love hear what we found
Gone for so long banished for fear
Fear of life's beauty shining so clear

Here is the song that is sung for the one
The one who is waiting to become
Waiting in darkness waiting in light
Sharing a vision of no violent fight

Hear us sing sad songs
Hear us sing glad songs
Hear us sing that song
That you wanted to hear

Lost troubadours confronters of doom
Soldiers of love no gun but a tune
Travelling through these terrible times
Bringers of hope suspended in rhyme

It is in this way that we have our our say
One common parlance that can hold sway
On all oppression on all deceit
Recounting our story in places we meet

That which is heard in rhythm and word
Reaches out to you does this sound absurd?

Lost troubadours bringers of love
Touching the heart below as above
Here now to stay are you going our way?
This is the music we're going to play

Here is the song that's sung for the one
The one who is waiting for to become
Waiting in darkness waiting in light
Making a future from no violent fight

Hear us sing sad songs
Hear us sing glad songs
Hear us sing that song
That you wanted to hear


Secrets of the Dolmen

I am a stag of seven tines and ox of seven fights
I am a wide flood opon the plain
I am a wind that is blowing on the waters
I am the teardrops of the sun, I glitter like dew
Who but I...etc

I am the Griffon flying to my nest upon the cliff
I am that which God made beautious
I am as much the oak as the lightning that strikes it
As I am the Druid making fire opon the hill

I made the spearmen fearless at the battle of the trees
I have been a salmon in the net
I have been a spotted serpent coiled among the rocks
I fled as a savage boar in a sacred grove

I am the terrifying crash of waves opon the sea
I return like the receeding tide
I am all of these things continual
I am a year of thirteen trees, a letter for each one


The words to this are an amalgumation attributed to Taliesin and Amergin
via Robert Graves {White Goddess, 'Song of Amergin' p.208) then edited and added to by me.


No Sense of Remorse

Of fear and war the twisted truth is money made from arms
By companies who surely know their products will be harm
The buisness is an old one, their premises are clean
It all goes on with no sense of remorse

A cancer of components is part made within the gates
Where precision engineers made triggers to rain hate
On enemies around the World, whoever they may be
Their fate is sealed with no sense of remorse

Of national security the manager calmly spoke
Had making deals with Israel made him a poker face bloke?
But security for England has mutilated Iraq
And his money has no sense of remorse

A surrounding fence was placed when people did proclaim
Get out of our fair city now, get out you work for shame
With their racket of saucepan lids 'gainst the horror of all bombs
But work goes on without a sense of remorse

The servile soldiers are equipped with weapons and then trained
In warfare for a father-land and never to complain
But if there were no weapons made then there would be no war
And there would be no feelings of remorse

One factory is only small compared to the arms trade
The nessicery componants however there are made
Is this what we pay our taxes for, why must it be this way?
And Death drives out with no sense of remorse

The questions they all run so deep if you go and question war
The language speaks about defence, attack is what it's for
And causes made to kill others will one day return home
And families may feel a sense of remorse

I asked what would employers do with their considerable skills
If they had another job than making tools to kill
It seems they are happy in their work, must be eager for more war
War pays their wage with no sense of remorse

B52's and cluster bombs are well know in the trade
Obliterating innocents is where it chiefly pays
Do we subscribe to legal murder or say we shall have no more
Or do we also have no sense of remorse?


Kosen Rufu

Nichiren he chanted
Nam myo-ho renge kyo
If you do as he did
Kosen Rufu starts to flow

Ah the great road of peace unfolding

Seven hundred years
It stayed inside Japan
Since Hiroshima Nagasaki
It spread to many lands

Oh the great road of peace unfolding

Tsunesaboro Makiguchi
Would not be deterred
By military oppression
He kept to his word

On the great road of peace unfolding

Makiguchi died in prison
Josei Toda carried on
To make his declaration
Against the atom bomb

On the great road of peace unfolding

Toda was the mentor
Of Daisaku Ikeda
Who took the message to the world
Speaking very clear

On the great road of peace unfolding

Ikeda started travelling
In nineteen sixty one
The world began to open up
It is evolutio...

...on the great road of peace unfolding

Through the seventies and eightees
The path it was not lost
Kosen Rufu means
Spreading seeds at any cost

On the great road of peace unfolding

Growing in the ninetees
In the naughties more and more
Environmental thinking
Coming to the fore

On the great road of peace unfolding

People are walking
On down this peace road
Arising from the earth
Just as the sutra told

On the great road of peace unfolding

Spreading through all nations
This flag it has unfurled
Not for domination
But value in this world

On the great road of peace unfolding

It's in everybody
In good and bad alike
The seeds of buddha nature
Are growing to the light

On the great road of peace unfolding

Buddhahood is life
That is bursting at the seams
Nam myo-ho renge kyo
Is stuff of wildest dreams

On the great road of peace unfolding

Dialogue with enemies
Really is the key
To unlock our prison cell
Of backwards destiny

On the great road of peace unfolding

In this time of darkness
The lotus sutra shines
It's a seed that's strong enough
To make our lives sublime

Ah the great road of peace unfolding

This song written at request of Steve Whitford early march 2007. It is a folk song with two chords in it.


Key to the Gates

One for the stones that are old
Roll roll roll

Two for the alchemical gold
Roll roll roll

Three for the freedom of the soul
Roll roll roll

Who holds the key to the gates?
Who learns that knowledge waits?
Who holds the balance of the fates?

Four for the key to hidden doors
Roll roll roll

Five for the song that endeth wars
Roll roll roll

Six for the child that asketh more
Roll roll roll

Know that the gates are open wide
Spirit mother you are so wise
For three is the number of the child

Seven for the strength to move through fears
Roll roll roll

Eight for the turning of the years
Roll roll roll

Nine it is the spirit of good cheer
Roll roll roll

Musician herald bard held in reknown
With your three several wreathes you be crowned
Wielding your harps of mystical sounds for us

One for the stones that are old
Two for the alchemical gold
Three for the freedom of the soul
Four for the key to hidden doors
Five for the song that endeth wars
Six for the child that asketh more
Seven for the strength to move through fears
Eight for the turning of the years
Nine it is the spirit of good cheer

Roll roll roll
Roll roll roll
Roll it around-O



Why have a King at all?
Are not such people bound to fall
Oppressing people owning land
Common people understand

Who controls the city gates
Holding council decides fates
How to use this mighty hand
Is what a King must comprehend

This is what befits a King
He brings the ancient wisdom in
Support the people not exploit
Do these things is what he ought

And if to evil he is lured
What oh what could be the cure
A queen's wisdom is what endures
So peace on earth can be secured


Dissolved into the land is He
Common people are the key
All proportions of a web
Of life and land and deeds and trials

A King to do and Bard to tell
So listen well this merry while
Here's to all our Kings within
Blessed Albion do they bring

Out with the old in with the new
Spirit of a peace which will come true
In with the old out with the new
Once and future does this please you?
Albion rare and dignified
Return this golden sunrise


I remember Blue

I remember Blue
He said "Good times bad times"
And the girl in the flamenco dress
Swayed to the rhythm of his guitar

I looked at the scene
Heard his words and his strum
Never saw him one time more
And the girl she was just a dream

Then I paced down the street
Where I saw a man he was beat
Slumped into a shop doorway
Head between his knees

I guess he was gouched out
Could be heroin or crack cocaine
And I numbly wondered
What happened to my dream?

Didn't have no money and couldn't even speak
I reviewed my own life of the street
So I reached as far as I could reach
Into my heart for I accept no defeat

And I perceived a vast desert of soul-
Stranded survivors of a world gone wrong
And a flaming mouth that incinerated dreams
But yet one dream it burned through the flames
Of the flamenco girl who threw off her chains

She danced herself into a whirling peak
Said no words but smiled to me
And I sanctified gratified passed on the smile
Into the dawning street

It smashed into a car windscreen
Got lost in the wind
Echoed against the building blocks
Got half drowned in the rain
It caught a man in turpitude
And drove another sane
Got jammed inside a mortal coil
Of disempowered dreams
It rattled through my mandolin
And dislocated brains
It grated through the visors
Of the Motor City men
It caught all in a tornado
That blotted out the sun
Of which dust that followed smarted eyes
Of all the fallen ones
And through this cloud a man appeared
And he began to wave
I knew that we had understood
And so this vision fades


My Elusive Muse

I saw you once upon a normal street
I looked all upon you from your hair down to your feet
You smiled and disappeared and left me with the blues
But you had entered into me and left a mystic clue

Ah my elusive muse

What was it behind the city's cracks and lies
What behind hidden scars and in distant eyes
And everywhere I looked all with my seeking shoes
You were peeping through the gaps my elusive muse

Ah my elusive muse

You formed into the rounded hills such it was your grace
I looked into the moon and reflected was your face
I looked into the gutter thought that I might loose you
So I cried a silver tear my elusive muse

Ah my elusive muse

Inspiration from the well of passion's holy flame
Golden arrows to my heart when I hear your name
Six white horses carry you in a chariot so true
Seven songs of everywhere are the ones you use
To keep in time the fearless rhyme
My elusive muse

Ah my elusive muse

We chained you restrained you built worlds modern and new
But these are all missing love they are the work of fools
And to all insensed profiteers who at your brown skin grasp
Taking gold and minerals well none of this can last
For it threatens all the life on earth in the seas and skies of blue
How we do depend on you my elusive muse
There never can be an end to you my elusive muse

So if it is we shall meet and men will truly see
The majesty of life within your earth and heaven tree
And if we touch this holy bough feel it's pulse and fuse
We touch all infinity my elusive muse

Ah my elusive muse

Terror Machine

Woa terror machine
You know what I mean
Woa terror machine
Oh-a ya gonna know what I mean

It's the work of government administration
Let's just call it information sedation
Keep it all hid keeps on the lid
Of what is really going on

You heard the news about the terrorists
Though evidently no evidence fits
They got Arabic scapegoats as decoys
And they're treating them like shit

It's a bomb on the bus it's a man in the crowd
It ain't what it seems but don't talk too loud
The man on the TV is talking paranoid disease
Woa-a it's the Terror Machine

Terror - Realise
Terror - Open Eyes
Terror - Easily created
Terror - We're being manipulated

Woa Your gonna know what I mean
Woa Terror Machine
Woa Know what I mean

Two Towers standing now here comes the bit
Where they all fall down like a magic trick
At least that's how I look at it
It's all in the cover-up

7/7 if you want my opinion
Was all government bombs
Too much talk about climate change and Africa
Keep the talks going wrong
It wouldn't do to make poverty history
It would spoil the plan
Of world domination in the nuclear age
Keep it in the can

Terror terror everywhere and the real reason is clear
Make way for big brother keep up the war and fear


Manufactured hate from newspapers
Through video games and TV
Try to keep us all dumbed down
Can your eyes but see?

It was A OK till the communists fell
With the enemy gone they needed someone to kill
To keep the arms trade in lollipops
They had to make up with something new

Terror machine is a genius plan
But they don't want you to know whose scheme
Terror machine is a see-thru scam
A front for the killing regimes

Mind control 24/7
Is telling lies outright
Media coverage to the masses
Is not going to talk out of line


Behind the scene this killing machine
Is off doing it's work
Funded by tax and vacant minds
It's time to get alert

I'd like us all to realise
That a spanner in the works
Is a sure fire risk for the terror machine
Because it's made of a lie


Want you to see through the terror machine
What really makes it tick
Don't be suprised if the global 8
Are in the midst of it



I'm trying to work it out where does violence come from
In the heat of the moment just what brings it on
There's violence in silence though you might think me wrong
Lights the blue touch paper for the fists and knives and guns

It's just below the surface but hidden well away
Disguised with greatest etiquette in the ways that we behave
Passed back and forth in lethal tennis games
Before the final act has blown the love away

This violence has run deep in history's angry seams
What violence is appropriate is what the lawcourts deem
Violence on the battlefield violence in the home
Violence nearly everywhere and just behind your nose

How one can regret but it's always too late
Whether it's to kill a man or just to smash a plate
In anger for something someone said or done
But who can look deep enough to ask where it comes from
Who can look deep enough to know where it comes from


Battered and Blue

Some give pleasure others pain
Most'll leave you some time in the rain
Some bring trouble some just annoy
Most give candy one or two bring joy

Now some take screwballs some drink wine
I smoke grass most of the time
Don't change the situation just turns it around
Like Jeckell and Hyde running all over town

Hey hey hey what can I say
I really do not feel so good today
Me oh my what can I do
I'm tattered and battered and blue for you

I knew a girl I met in a zoo
She played crazy golf in goodbye shoes
I knew a girl she was cool
Saw her last by the swimming pool

I won't tell you much just the basic facts
We built our house on a railroad track
When we heard the clicketty-clack
She ripped my shirt and didn't look back

Hey hey hey what can I say
I really do not feel so good today
Me oh my what can I do?
I'm tattered and battered and blue for you

Some give pleasure others pain
Most'll leave you some time in the rain
Some bring trouble some just annoy
Most bring candy one or two give joy

Hey hey hey what can I say
I'm gonna do my best to feel better today
Me oh my what can I do
I tattered and battered and blue for you

My body's aching and it ain't faking
When it finally buckled I didn't chuckle
In the final end there was just us friends
And a guy called Death who was playing requests

My oh my!

Hey hey hey whay can I say
I really gonna do my best to feel better today
Me oh my what can I do
I'm tattered and battered and blue for you
I'm tattered and battered and blue for you


Twyford Down

We came from far
All round the globe
To Twyford Down
To stop a road
Through special site
Of ancient light
Winchester College
Sold off the rights

So was built a site
In path of the road
Where Dongas Tribe lived
In bent hazel domes
Going out on actions
Tarmac reaction
And for the contractors
It did their heads in

Ah ah ah
That was Twyford Down

It was a wet cold Yellow Wednesday
When luminous jackets made the first cutting
And there was pain and there was crying
People thought the earth was dying
Fourth day of July
Mass trespass day
Hundreds of people
All in the way
Or clambering up on the bailly bridge
Clanging it boldly with chaos sticks
Then there was digger diving
Which is conniving
To jump on the 'dozers
Till work was over
D-locked under the wheels
Of their earth-raping steel
To stop the contractors
There were many factors

Ah ah ah
That was Twyford Down

A Great Conjunction
Was in the sky
Woa but it wasn't
The reason why
It was the people
Who were outraged
At all the tricks
That had been played
To build the road
Against the will
Of common people
For money made
It was enough
Enough enough
But still the D.O.T.
Made the cut
And so began
This first eco-war
And after Twyford
There were many more
There were many more
There were many more

Ah ah ah
That was Twyford Down
Ah ah ah
That was Twyford Down
Ah ah ah
That was Twyford Down


Newbury and Beyond

Solsbury Hill and Twyford Down
Eco war on sacred ground
It moved on to Newbury
Nine miles of road building insanity

No one can deny it
For it was on TV
Harness held or not
High up in a tree
Eco warriors out on a limb
While the corporation chainsaws made a din

Saying you must not cut down this glade
Make no tiny cut with your murdering blades
We will defend these trees
With our bodies and our minds held up high in the leaves
And tunneling down deep into the ground
Give your Sheriff's men the run-around
Security cordons plenty of police
Giving orders their consciences asleep

I know it is sad to say
But Camelot itself fell one day
Not before Albion's warriors
Made Newbury's Third Battle a legendary lay

TV put he pictures in front of people's eyes
Could we be becoming totally urbanised?
Lyminge Forest Sella open cast mine
Fairmile Trollheim and the Ladies Nine

Saying you shall not chop down these trees
We shall protect against your Mother murdering deeds
And the Third Battle of Newbury
Three minutes less for nine miles of ancient trees
One hundred thousand cherry pickers
Would not bring us down off our perch
'Cos news of all these road protests
Has been broadcast all around the cities and the towns

There is now a much greater neon orange glow
From Clairmont Road down to Ireland's County Wicklow
Thanks to types like the Dongas and the Flowerpots
Maybe the future can be green again
Canbury Garden Poplars Watley Quarry and Oxleas Wood
From Scotland down to Brighton there were people who were good
They came down to protest sites and did what they could

A nineteen screen multiplex cinema was a little bit too much
Crystal Palace was won by the people and the trees were never cut
It culminated an era just before the millenium
Even Ali G on the TV was at our eviction
All of this was back in the ninetees before the towers fell

Saying you shall not chop down these trees
We shall protect against your Mother murdering deeds
And the Third Battle of Newbury
Three minutes less for nine miles of ancient trees
One hundred thousand cherrypickers
Could not bring us down off our perch
'Cos news of all these road protests have been broadcast
All around let's hear it for a no pollution Newbury and Beyond



Albion Albion Albion Albion

Albion's dreaming and William Blake
Just rang to tell me that it's never too late
You are God and the Universe
The choice is yours
And the Goddess is waiting for you

Albion Albion Albion Albion

Ezekiel some druids and King Kong
Met on the corner in New Jerusalem
There's going to be some spinning wheels
And a lightshow that you won't forget
That you won't forget

Albion Albion Albion Albion

When Albion's asleep
A secret there we keep
When Albion's alive
Fear of death shall die
When Albion awakes
Men and women shake and make
Men and women shake and make
Men and women shake and make
Men and women shake and make

Albion Albion Albion Albion

Tell of Arthurian wonder
Harmony between women and men
Throwing off of the chains
Albion remain again
Again remain again

Albion Albion Albion Albion

Albion's dreaming and William Blake
Is calling to say it's never too late
We are God and the Universe
The choice is ours
And the Goddess is waiting for us

Albion Albion Albion Albion

A moment of surprise
Roll those golden eyes
Albion materialise

Albion Albion Albion Albion

When Albion's asleep.....

This is the last song on the 'Key to the Gates' album.


The initial extended utopian acid dream

World war one blew off our arms and legs
World war two laid the atomic egg
World war three is the war against nature
This is the story that the freaks created yeah

LSD came with the nuclear dawn
And all the boom babies picked up the score
Till the plastic colours of the nineteen sixties
Faded round about seventy four

Punk came along and with anarchy rent
All it's feelings of discontent
At the shitstem with an amphetamine rage
Youth rebel resistance violence in the head
No more heroes they're all dead

New Romantics were naff but Thatcher was worse
And all the good that was done got reversed
So began the soul devoid eightees
But of the women of Greenham I shall speak of in greatness

They sat on silos for nuclear warheads
Chanted to the Goddess to come to them
Rid this land of the cruel Cruise missile
And this is exactly what they did

By the time of nineteen eighty four
We had the miner's strike, they deplored
Conditions under which they had to work
So stood firm at their pickets not taking no more

So the riot police came and did their worse
But they practised on the hippies first
At what seemed like a festi at Nostal Priory
Was there ever a public enquiry?

So here enter police not wearing their numbers
In riot vans with batons gas and shields encumbered
To the peace festivals that people were making
An alternative life to the daily grind partaking

The infamous so-called Beanfield Battle
Marked what would have been the twelfth annual
Stonehenge mid-summer solstice celebration
But a Queen's charter was never granted

It would have secured the gathering for good
But the state trashed the hippies because it could
What can you say it was low and obscene
It got twisted in the papers and on the screen

The New Age Traveler Peace Convoy did annoy
The powers that be who scattered them all
Because they were scared of what they had formed
Because their traveler ways were becoming a norm

There were certainly too many drugs
But these people were not by nature thugs
But driven out of house and home
By circumstances that they did not own

Alienated to the extreem
By different sorts of government scheme
Offered shit work or unemployment lines
You bet that they looked for a better time!

It was the end of the end of the initial
Extended utopian acid dream


I know I caused you suffering
I know I caused you pain
When you gave my life to me
So selfless you came
And taught me of equality
Of quality and of names
And if it's love that this amounts to
I hope we feel the same

Don't know if you believe me
When I talk of eternity
But you did conceive me
From life's mystery
It's a sentimental journey
Through the song of life to life
And I hope you will receive me
On the other side of time

Woah woah woah woh Mother
Woah woah woah woh me
Woah woah woah woh everyone
Woah woah woah eternity


Bag of stones (Re-rework in progress) I may or may not have original somewhere
It's a restless farewell to whom it may concern
Without parallel or justification
It's a message from me to you through the wave of thought
As clear as clear can be in this air
And these gratifications that we give to each other
Are easily cast aside
And forgotten beneath the rubble of old houses
We used to live inside

So here I have a bag of stones
Old ancient as diamonds
I will give to those who use them freely
Or those whose eyes tell me so:

One for the man who brought me here
When staggering in from the cold
All for the stone that is so much a stone
As you know stone it is most old
One for the painter
One for the poet
One for the clown
These people sow it
One for the builder
One for the break
And one for he who can hear every snake
One for the no one
One for us all
One for lost laughters
Behind a wall
One for Death
And one for stealth
One fore and hereafter in spiritual wealth
One in the fountain
One to make stars
None for those who people never chance far
Three to make jewels
And most dear grace
Nine for the man with the jar
And his painted remnant face


A vision of hope

A vision of hope I sing for you
A vision of hope is coming through
It's what we in this world must heed
Hope filled loving vision seeds

Aural receptors hear the words
Please do not think it absurd
A vision of hope is what we need
Because this earth here wounded bleeds

Hear this provoking rhyme
Heralding action's hopeful tide
Take it to heart for there it flows
Courage surging as it goes

Foundationed block by hopeful block
Caused by faith like unto a rock
Make majestic dreams to fly
Into societies mind's eye


The ballade of the Spacegoats

Ever movin' ever changing ever staying the same
They roam the stars in burnt out cars
Here's how the Spacegoats got their name

The cosmic crew knew their cue fate of earth is in the swing
Knowing God the cloven shod came down to sing 'the Morning Dew'

So to transform it was their norm by playing 'pon the Huru horn
They took it down to Twyford Down they played their holy sacred sounds

And here they met the Dongas folk the music rang long hard and loud
With magic blows to a Tarmac heart it's what you'd call a road protest!

Earth children we've gotta listen to our
Soul Mother she's on the go

From Solsbury Hill to Newbury with a Fairmile in between
With festies all around the place where many stones were turned

Now the stakes are getting high corruption war all deadly lies
Flame of fire and Goaty bleat stamping of a Dragon's feet

From El Nino to eschaton you might wonder what we're on
Two hundred years of abuse will surely let the storm unloose

Earth Mother!
Radiation for breakfast
She's gonna take us through the cyclone's eye
To Hunab Ku and back again

Then we went to a Goodman's place when the Law evicted Crystal Palace
From folk through punk to Gypsy Hill starry eyed and laughing still

"Inamorata" hear us shout Thirteen Moons will work it out
Mandala was the studio where we recorded don't you know?

We vision of a world to be through turmoil of this present age
To heal with music word and weed so much to grow from tiny seed

The task it is just begun yet only half a tale is spun
Around the world and back again tied up with a daisy chain

Lightening flash forgotten dream no-one knows what it means
We're all involved come what may to travel through the Milky Way

It's where us Goats all belong and where lives this strange old song
So watch out when you turn around perhaps you'll hear the Goaty sound

Transform complete this wicked world so the Rainbow's start to whirl
Trance us Hurunagas worm of your glory let us learn


Poison in the Water

Back down the corridor of power
There echoes that ghostly hour
When atomic technology came to this land
Flouride it was used, the essential key
To process the elements
Uranium to Plutonium
For bombs you see

And so the plot was complete and not withstanding hazards
Radiation came in a second rung to flouride's toxic challenge

No one knew what it did so tests were arranged
On unsuspecting citizens of Newburg, New York State

The authorities must have been pleased they kept a secret file
And to allay people's fears they gave them another picture
They said 'essential nutrient', it's so good for your health
You need it in the water, which we will do forthwith

But what was it that was hid was someone telling lies?
Though people raised their voice to ask they were vilified
The tests they were arranged and certain people paid
It seems that these tests have been going on for decades

Now it is declassified which means we get to know
And it seems someone's motives were stooping very low
They said it was so good for you but that was not the truth
Your teeth fall out your bones just rot
And all with scientific proof

It's poison fumes a toxic waste a corrosive rat-killer
It accumulates slow so tyou don't know
It's bad for brains and livers

The list goes on and on and on but nearly noone knows
And as there's been a cover-up I hope that it's exposed


So our trust turns to rust
This we must
Tell our sons
Tell our daughters
There's poison in the water

The nuclear dawn has spawned such a deadly tide
But what shall we do, keep it all inside?
Or sing and dance and act about
Those who lost their teeth
Or children who grow up with bones as brittle sticks
Deformed by toxins in the things we eat and drink
Shall we survive if we accept the lies of this deceit

It may seem stark it may seem mad and that there's no good news
But we can make the world we want only if we choose
Whatever is the cost what could be the regret
To try and live our lives to clean up this hateful mess

And even now respectable responsible people in power
The ones we have grown up to trust keep this flouride myth alive
It's doctors, dentists . statesmen, the ones in the know
Don't ask me why but they conspire to put flouride in the flow
And at what cost this act who do they think they are
If this is good authority then maybe they can go
Because if you poison the people, you'll make them very made
Do we accept docility or decide that we've been had

But that's not all
That was many years ago

Nowadays we get the scrapings from the chimneys
The carbon phosphate fertiliser industry
And this is what kind of flouride that gets to us today

And is it all for the sake of little children's dental care
I think not it is put there to dull and tame our brains
Just think of the e-numbers even you know aspartame is bad
Just think of all the industry making bucks off our complacency
But I know we are the healers I tell you the truth

So if there's any truth in this then maybe someone knows
And if there's been a cover-up then let's make sure that it's exposed

Flouride in the water
Poison in the water



When the walls of the temple
Are cast to the ground
And light shines through the ruins
When the form decays
To leave no trace
That is the time of re-doing

And the sun is shining
Casting rays throughout the Universe
And everything goes on as before
The slip of light has pierced the very
Heart and soul of you
Take a look
Open up your door

At first you may find it a little curious
Just let go to the feeling
Describe a circle your arms outstretched
Learn to feel this healing
La la la

Send the suns rays into the earth
And round a round a round around a turning
The moon will shine her light upon you
As 'round the stones we are revolving

Become a tribe of many lifes
A round a round a round a round evolving
The moon will shine her light upon you
As 'round the stones we are returning
La la la

Send the seeds into the ground
Send the seeds into the ground
It's a holy holy holy sound
Send the seeds into the Earth
Send the seeds into the Earth
You know you know you know it's worth

Don't 'cha don't cha don't cha know
We gotta sow sow sow sow
And don't 'cha don't 'cha don't 'cha know
We gonna grow grow grow grow

la la la

And the sun is shining
Casting rays across the Universe
And everything goes on as never before
The slip of light has pierced the very
Heart and sould of you
Take a look
Open up your door


Diamond Rain

Seduced by Eden's inner call
Our spirits met at Pomeroy
To sit in circles beneath the moon
Where diamond rain falls like dew

Faerie trumpets call the corn
Sound circles herald dawn
Meet us here within these rings
Where diamond rain falls from the moon

Light the fire, fire bright
Love is a burning brand tonight
Dance the dance, light the light
Love is a burning brand tonight

Of troubadours in circle days
True and clear were notes we played
Meet us us here where no time lies
Come to give our stories life

Light the fire...

Falling falling falling rain

August's crop has come again
We stand within the diamond rain
Falling falling falling rain
Where dancing lines meet in the grain
(repeat till end)



When knights of old recover
Sweep the streets clean to the green
Rise from the iron that slew us down
Gather round tables again

When knights of old remember
Dragons dwell in this land
Guinevere she sheds a tear
Her knights she does command

Dragon eye is glowing
Fire on beacons burning
The creature crystal pulsing sings
And we do learn the song

Now Arthur walks once more Avalon
Merlin stirs in his sleep
We find his work lost long ago
And wend it in the world

Dragon eye is glowing
Fire on beacons burning
The creature crystal pulsing sings
And we do sing the song


The Earth Mother's Daughter's Dance

See the circles in the corn what is Mother saying?
See Her cut a furrow there, here a whirlpool turning
But these forces unseen will pick you up again
Turn it all around, what have we found?

Come and join the circle come and join the ring
Come and join the sacred dance turn a Goddess singing
Demeter Persephone
Turn the corn wrap it round, what have we found

See oh don't you see
The Earth Mother's Daughter's dance

Why is it the Mother, why is it she is calling
Why is it she's crying out, why is it she's screaming?
Nature's pain is written deep in fields of corn where circles meet

See oh don't you see
The Earth Mother's Daughter's dance

Dance! Dance!
Sisters! Dance!


Around this fire

We remember now
What lies in these atoms
What force of no seen
Has it's dimensions here
Hark a horn is blowing
It's notes follow us down
To this place where we are
And dream
Ourselves a Land
Where we would care to be
Where by methods strange we are met again
I remember you
No I don't know when we just know
Would you care to know?
Around this fire
Temple of happiness
Each rare each exquisite moment
Displays keys that only we can know
Now they dangle before our eyes



There is a sound which has no ring at all
There are some times when sorrows are filled with joy
Earth and sky, one human cry
Wrent from throat of mine

And what of this sound that quakes vibrations none
The silent voice which echoes and then is done
And what words strike strange chords
Speaking in heart of mine

We had made a secret vow
And now it comes to light

Around the sun were gliding the angels of light
Beneath the Earth prayed denizens jewelled might
Take this gem, here and then
Never here at all

I came to my senses a-lying on the grass
Discovering through Heaven's dark I had passed
Sand and sea, mystery
Ebbing in eye of mine


I saw you mitting fitting pitting
Your mind against the mighty foe that ain't there
Ain't it due for some scare
I saw you wrestle in the dark
In you park of indigo delights
And Alice she danced there too
And it ain't a case of wasting
Mine or anybody else's favorite trials
Feel the need so good it bleeds
Come on in for some clues
And when I find my rune
Encrusted with the sun and moon
And you'll be there and you'll barely see
Look at me a head of gourd
I'll take what I can afford
But the flowers
They are for free
I danced with you beneath
A transcendental moon halo of a rainbow
Feel the need so good it bleeds
Come on in for some clues
So ride from your far country
Ride the lion and drink honey
And you're free
You're free


Red Shoes

I met a girl
She's got red shoes
I met a girl
She kicked the blues
All over the place
She's a rag-tail muffin girl
She's a trespassing angel
And she'll walk all over you

I met a martian
I was hitching a ride
He gave me some shoes
And a guitar slides
All over the place
And the wheels go round and round
Seems the best place to catch an orchard
Is on the sun's rise

Pack of cards
And the day's on fire
I may be strange
But it'll take you higher
Look over the hill
See what's coming our way
The coins are in the air
And the reasons all are there
Yes it's so

I met a girl
She's got red shoes
I met a girl
She kicked the blues
All over the place
She's a speeding queen on ice
You can't take her anywhere
She'll steal the food from beneath your nose
Yes she will


What goes around

Standing at the edge of time hanging out my washing line
Spiral wizard make your spell at bottom of a wishing well

Throw yourself into the void there's no need to be destroyed
Karma has it all but kepy the pebbles Dionysis wept

Makin' spells of ancient law it opens up a very door
Door in the mind is door to sky science still wonders how and why

Cobbled words from bits of string dragon scale and magic ring
I can't tell you how to live it's all in the love you give

What goes around around around around
Comes around around around
Comes around comes around


Planet Waves ...presently fragmented...(1985, surely, seeing last verse, sometime shortly after the Beanfield)

All of us gathered here again
And slowly making it forward
We're beginning to share again
The peace that is meant for us
There's no way around it this time
For the stars are set in the sky
And time in it's steady march forward
Has not forgotten where we lie

The ways we meet are very strange
Put it back together and see the plan that is
It all fits into place........................?
We're all part of a cosmic trick
Awakening up and down the land
Something's pulling us together

'You and I' is a mystery
Impossible to solve
We are the same and not the same
...................................... together
The pull of this thing is so sublime
Like the birds that fly so high
Our souls will soar on the breeze

Apocalypse Sunshine music
Is what we all play
Reaching people in dark place
Living in fear today
Maybe we understand
Don't .........................................
Keep the smile on cheeks young and old
That watches all our lives

And don't you just know
And don't you just know
And don't you just know
And don't you just know?
What is your feeling
Planet Waves
Apocalypso Rhythm
Sunshine brightly music
Keep on moving with it
Keep on moving with it

Up and down this country
People like you and me
Come together in places old
Where you can feel the energy
And maybe some are against us
And keep us from our own
This surely is just the turn of tide
Stranger things have been known


Goodbye to You (1985 or 6)

Well I think I'll be leaving come tomorrow
After this good time spent with you
And the lines just stick in your throat and ache
Seems like you're not getting through
A sorrow's only yesterday's belated smile
I catch hold of new airs, drifting on this while
Drifting on

You lady, in the red falling gown
Your hands clutch the rose tight
As your eyes look to the ground
Remember what is said and done
Think of what's to come
We are only images, flickering in the sun
Wo, in the sun

Lain in bed, we'd lain all night now the dawn chirps it's wake
Speaking of our dancing love and of mistakes we'd made
Rising we wipe the eyes and look to the door
Rolling on the clouds go by, who needs anymore
Oh, anymore

Through the glass I gaze to see the people going by
How many stories in the street, how many asking 'why?'
Why did she leave me, did she go away
Look to the ground, feel it spoil your day
(Don't let it spoil your day)

The taxi's come, it is the hour, when we shall go our ways
I feel as if i ought to have something to say
But profundity just slips and passes on it's way
Our hands, touching at fingertips are now streets away
And we've parted

Goodbye to You

(This song I wrote but it didn't happen to me. Bits of it I did experience in ways, which got cobbled in to the story)


Sweet Lady of May (1986)

Love oh ma Lady she comes to me, comes to me in the morning time
Bringing a love and a light so clear, bringing things that we hold dear
Dancing like a spirit now, she dance to woo the stars to sleep
Dance with her when I can, jump for joy over the land
Come walk with me my Lady, under the moon so bright
Come lay down with me my Lady, make love all through the night

I love you Lady of May, when you're not here my world is grey
When y die I'll go dancing on till we meet again at Judgement Day
When we're alive we'll walk the night, walk the day right out of sight
Wild at night and out of harm, we'll go down without a fight
And should we ever disagree, as I am sure we will
Find the root of our dis-ease, dig it out and dance on still

A love of life I have for you, do you even know who you are
Beckon to me when I was young, called me on from afar
Sing and make music fair, harmonise with loving care
Love will in the end work out, love is always in the air, in the air
So let us dance to the morning, let us dance to the night
Let us promise of this; love the world and serve it right
Love the world and serve it right



If you go
I will follow
Make a way
We will come
I strode ahead
Looked behind
Saw the million hordes

And you know
That passage on through
The golden door
Endless paths
All merge into one
How it is so

How to be
It does not matter
Come as you are
Does not mind
Open heart
Open mind
Travel on
We go together

And you know
That passage on through
The golden door
Endless paths
All merge into one
How it is so



Sit down relax and take a ride
Into the future Earthworld
We shall see what has become
Of Earth and all it's people
A hundred years or less ahead
This is what could be
This is the Planet calling!
Transition! Transition!
Now the time has come
For us to reach our destination
Just how far you want to go now
Is up to your imagination
The Planet has changed
It's surface covered in metal and plastic
People are strange
The change to come is going to be drastic
A hundred years or even now
This is what could be...


Jack be nimble

You got to pass through the eye of a needle
Jack be nimble and quick
Livin' in such modern times
You got to jump the candlestick

And he's jumping over Washington
He jumped the Kremlin too
He threaded the twelve stars of Europe
And jumped all Asia through

And it's a long way back and a long way to go
And he keeps me on a travelling the road
If you haven't got the time Jack'll lay it on the line
And he'll paint you over with reason

See him on the street corner
Peddling some peace and love
But the hope that he tells makes you go "Well
I think I might go and do that myself"

Did you see him at that barracade?
Was that his face on the TV?
Do you think that he's a double agent?
Could be he's inside you and me

And he's changing like a chameleon
Catch him while you can
His brain neurones are firing off a new route
He's got the whole world in his plan

Jack was killed on the twelfth December
Jack was hung at Gibbet's hill
Jack was seen clearly New Year's morn
So I guess he's a jumping Jack still

I seen Jack he's got a smallholding
Piece of land he's holding down
Ever felt you had to jump the candlestick?
What goes around comes around


Flame woman

Come with me
And be who you are
You want to and you will

Oh lustrous Salamander
Come coil around me
Want to surrender don't want you to flee

Your bold brazen body
Is sleek and fierce and wild
But you are of another dimension

Scorch me to reason
With your flaming words
Gutter all my pretensions

Solid fuel woman
Make combustion with me
Burn a path to our creator

And now you are nearer
So you can burn me out
Flame fire woman there's no doubt

Your incendiary emotions
Meet my driving rain
You cry out for hours then become silent

And there in the embers
I stand black and smouldering
You grind your heel in my cinders

Moving slowly
Flickering quick
In the ashes all around us

White plumes of light
Dancing so bright
Not engulfed by my hot mists surrounding

Cities burn in the haze
Our lives are freed from the maze
But where are we now?

When you incinerate
All I am
You are also extinguished


Spend some time together

I'd like to spend some time together
I'd like to spend some time with you
I'd like to spend some time together
Some time with you

Oh yes you're the fabulous toothpick girl
But then I wasn't a man
I'd like you to pick clean my bones and lend a helping hand

And if you fancy me a bit
Well that's all right
I don't want to get in your way but it makes me feel alright

Or if you don't want to see me
I guess I'll have to wait and see
I want the best for each other what is best must be

Oh I am the ugly sister's son
And my head doesn't match my hands
I need to talk because you see I can understand

Now I am dying to explain this
Why I have to act this way
It's the way the world has made me and I am so terribly afraid


Lady Eirie

Lady Eirie
Lady Eirie
You were here long before we were
Stars and suns your birth
Flowers form from your astral trail
You are one you are us and what is more
You are the Earth
You were here long before
Man and his bombs

Come around
Come around
The seasons turn into one
Life is more than this
Life is more that television
More than this
More than international tension
Step in from the outroads
You're coming in on us now

Indian Summer
Indian Summer
Won't you take me home
When the sun comes shining
Many a bright tommorow
Won't you take me home


Morning Blues

Hello to you morning
Hello to you day
Spend the night in wondering
There where I lay
There where I lay
Without you beside me
I have to be alone
Want you back again oh babe
Don't let it show
Oh don't let it show

Goodbye night time's cowl
I'd wrapped myself in dark
When all the living moving things
I could hear and hark
I could hear and hark
But you were not among them
And so I sing this song
Want you back again oh babe
Don't let it be long
Oh don't let it be long


'Bin Long

It's been a long time since I been down with my friends
It's been a long time since I been down with them

It's been a long time since I been down to the sea
It's been a long time since you been with me

Here we are sat on this raft together
Yes blowing in the wind
Maybe westwards maybe eastwards
Maybe no place at all


Um diddle diddle

With an:
Um diddle diddle diddle um dim day
Um diddle diddle day
Um diddle diddle diddle um dim day
Um diddle diddle day
Um diddle diddle day

Take your partner by the hand
And strip him to the waist
Lay your hands upon his hips
And lay his soul to waist

Turn a wheel upon the grass
Look up to the sky
Dip your head in barley wine
And never wonder why

Do the barndance one two three
Dance the oldern way
Gather girls around you
Take them into the hay

Drink yourself into the ground
Drink 'til you reach the floor
Wait 'til you hear the angels come
And then pray for some more

Dance like old Nick himself
Set your feet on fire
If I said he was not watching
Then I would be a liar

Hear the fiddler play his tune
Faster faster fire
Notes they set a rick alight
Build higher and higher

Girls in dresses oh so fine
Dancing wild and warm
I see Connie later tonight
I'm gonna be in her arms


Mara my dear

Mara my dear won't you please come back
I waited a year and you don't
If you're gone I'll waste away
If you're dead I'll die

I'd sail the sea to be with you
I'd cross the ocean wide
I'd travel a million miles
To find out where you're hiding

Oh my love you're far away
Mara where are you
Come on wings of light to me
Show me what to do

Goddammit it's true

I don't know why I love you but I do
And I don't know how to act when I'm with you
I look out the window stand on one foot
Don't know if I'm in or out, I'm not as I should be

And I love you
Yes I do
And I need you
Goddammit it's true

I'm shaky in your presence but I don't let on
I'm howlin' for ya babe don't get me wrong
And these moments we're together they fill me up
Yes they do they fill me up, they fill me through and through


Wild Time

A wild time is being had by us all
A wild time beside this burning wall
And it's a pagan time being had by us all
A wild time beneath this crumbling wall

People running to the rhythm
Dogs are barking in the street
Christians marching always onwards
Stop, let your hair down to the beat

Crusaders of the deadly night
Lay down your shields in holy fright
Children of the Sun are slowly moving
Like creatures to the all cleansing light

Saviour save us please
Saviour we'll pay a fee
Answers 'Don't you look to me
It's your problem, not for me"


Roll on

Walk you out in the moonlight walk you under the stars
Walk you out in the moonlight walk you under the stars
You know my baby you're beautiful just as you are

Your father's the sunshine your mother's the rain
Your father's the sunshine your mother's the rain
Catch 'em together you've got a rainbow again

Your brother paints pictures of the tramps in the street
Your brother paints pictures of the tramps in the street
You'd think they wouldn't like it but he paints 'em neat

I ain't got no shoes walking down this mile
You ain't got no jewels but you're wearing a smile
What we got is the moonlight and that's always in style


Snowy White

This is the tale of Snowy White
You could tell from the start that he wasn't quite right
Albino left handed cross eyed too
The sort your mother would keep from you

Ah Snowy White

He was born in a slum in a rusted hutch
The killer rabbit would never come to much
No good at following rules and regulations
Of not taking drugs and such temptations

Ah Snowy White

So he hit the road yeah but he hit the lights
He took the high road and it dazzled his sight

One day he took it too far
Some straight moles were driving a car
Snowy gets heavy with some flames on the road
The moles get mad and call in the Toad

Ah Snowy White

Come on bunny he said to his girl, let's go ride the surf ride the swirl
This world has too much hesitation I want somewhere to vent my frustration

He would glow in the dark on a scary night
Cadmium implants made him way bright
Snowy died in the Toadhole his Watership Down
Ganged up on by the furries far underground

Ah Snowy White

And if you look on my belt you'll see a rabbit's foot glowing there


Goddam hippy ideals

Anything that you want to do is fine
Anything that you want to do is fine
Just as long as it don't hurt no one
Do your own thing and I'll do mine

I don't want to send people to war
I don't want to send people to war
War is only good for making further wars
And profiting the few nothing more

Freedom is just a word
Freedom is just another word
Freedom is just the best
Goddam word I ever heard

As we are all living on this earth
As we are all living here on earth
Step gently over the surface
Treat her as you do yourself

We all know that we are what we eat
We all know that we are what we eat
Some eat vegetables and some eat meat
We all know we are what we eat

You can buy organic if you're rich
You can buy organic if you're rich
But if you're poor you go to the Pound Store
Rich hippies get all the best bits

They tried killing all the hippies
They tried to stone them to death
"Let he who is no hippy cast the first stone"
Said Jesus and they all went home

Look in the eye girl look in the sky
How should we treat ourselves?
Girl I'm asking, we both know
Goddam hippy ideals


Are you coming out and about or are you coming in?
Are you going round and around and living in a spin?
What is logical to you what has no cause?
Are these questions you ignore or do call them doors?
Do you call them doors?

Do you think you'll make it through the swirling chaos core
To the realm of Archmage's daughter where freedom is the law?
Will you brave the barrier go beyond the night
Seeking in the darkness for what you feel is right?
What you feel is right

Are you bound for Erewhon are you locked inside your head?
Do you hold the life of God or do you think him dead?
Can you think it's possible there's life outside of Earth?
What is life anyway what is giving birth?
What is giving birth?


Shaman's Blues

Don't you ever wonder
Don't you ever Feel
Don't you ever look into the dark night
Wondering what it might be
Wondering what it might be

Snake he round your waist
Sweat upon your brow
Dionysis is moving
And we all know how
We all know how

Shaman's blues

We had to go through it
Maybe we saw misty
You brought so much about
Electric shaman man
Electric shaman man

Cosmos in your head
Lifetime in a dream
Spirits they watch you
Revolution man
Evolution of man
Woh woh woh!


Goodness knows (We can work together)

Whatever way you go
Whatever seeds you sow
You are part of everything
We can work and dance and sing

Whatever kind of man you are
You were born to go far
Take a little or take a lot
Take a bit of what I've got

Our lives all flow together
Our vision is one
Happy is how we spend the day
In what we do and what we say

Goodness knows we can work together
Goodness knows we can share the land
Goodness knows we can walk about the world in love
Goodness knows goodness knows


Wear a Feather in your Hat (1985)

Well we came across some Indians they were sitting in our road
And with careful words we offered peace and them our weapons showed
They made it and said they sought a man with such purple skin
If we had him there on board they'd scalp and do us in
It's a long time since I saw such a man I said and they replied
"OK go on you tell the truth I can see it in your eyes"

Later on our road there was a boulder in our path
Meg the man said "What shall we do no way can we get past"
I steamed a bit and thought a bit, said this man tells the truth
So I gave up being leader and sat down to pick my tooth
Meg took on the role and quickly had it sussed
With forty pounds of dynamite the rock we did bust

Soon the cook was heard to cry "There is no more water left in here.
I am making a casserole and the pot is burning dry"
So I threw a coin into the air, said "This one I'll try" A few words from the good old book and rain fell from the sky
"What was the other choice you had" they asked, and I replied:
"I don't want to answer that now, let me out I want to pass"

Faintly nightfall does it's bit and we rattle on in dark
Tootsie starts a singing he says "It's for a lark"
Unfortunate for him it wakes something to cause his demise
A stowaway that was on board who pokes his head outside
Tootsie gets a fright and falls down and dies
But what was more was still to come. At night, colour lies

Of the four of us left on the bus, Mook, Meg, Mos and I
Not one of us did realise till the sun it did rise
That the new man who spent the night explaining who he was and where he'd been
Had a case of the most purple skin we'd ever seen
We whistled nervously till mid afternoon
Then Meg saw a bunch of Redskins, I feel down in a swoon

Round about that time an eagle flies on down
Says "We got to wrap it up here before we reach the next town"
So he does a bit of act shifting, messes round with our scene
The Indians become a film projection on a Hollywood film screen
"What a pity they had to go like that, we could have made some friends"
Purple man smiles, disappears and leaves a feather where he'd been


last time:


Don't cry Sandy

Sandy got a ticket for the Underground, she paid her money at the stile
Waited for the train to Charing Cross bought some news to pass the while
She knows she has to get to where she is going
Got to get to Peter on time

Train rolls into the station and Sandy gets on board
Sees there's five stops to go till she gets there, well at least there's no more
She's late already what will she do
Gotta get there on time

Man in a trilby hat and great coat looks down at her with weasely eyes
Doesn't say a think and she avoids his eyes but Sandy goes queer inside
And at Charing Cross she darts out of the station
Got to get where she's going on time

It's exactly a quarter to one and it should have been half past twelve
Sandy didn't make it on time but that gets put on the shelf
Peter's open arms welcome her in and Sandy feels all a glow

Don't cry Sandy don't feel blue
You know he loves you you know it's true


Wide eyed Annie

Chick name of Annie she's waiting upstairs she's got a deal she's made
And needs to get up country to get away and be clean
But there's a street load of policemen who just don't want this to be

Her man didn't come through and she's got a case full
A big bag of bad luck if she's caught in this state
And the state of her mind is wiped all over the place

Now anyway Annie's got a hyper-set brain and uses cocaine
That's why she's stuck here in Maine where it ain't so quaint
And she's thinking to herself "How did I get here?"

And the police are calling "You gotta come out
We're gonna kick the door in, we know you're in there,
You'd better give yourself up, it ain't tea for two, get ready we're coming through"

But it's ok she says she can cope, ties up a tourniquet
Cranks up a needle full of coke, "It's no joke" she says
In fact you know shit it's all the same

Annie's wide eyed and she's slipping away out the window down the drainpipe
Briefcase handle clenched between her teeth, dangling in the breeze
And her conscience is calling when will my mind find peace

Wide eyed you are you are with your briefcase little Annie
Wide eyed you'll be till you get away from your mind


The Winged Man

Heaven knows why but he saved us from the furnace
We mistreated his kind we stained his need to see

Heaven knows why
People will fly
Memories will die
The Winged Man he cried

Melting above he drew his energy from below
And seeing the sun he knew he had to go


-Can you hear the voices hear the voices around you
And the echo of the voices hear them too
Play on

Seething below the man was a wreck of invention
And we brought him down just like a crash landing


He was too far ahead for us here so he flew
Back to the sun where he's working on something new


Twilight on the Moon (1985 An improvisation)
The fortress was broken
And our lives saw the light
When we all found our Masters
And life sublime
We went on
We went on
Oh we went on

The fortress was fallen
And we became what we did after
Father Time
Father Time
Father Time we call you

It went on and on and on and on and on
On and on and on and on and on
On and on and on and on and on
All together
On and on and on and on and on
It went on and on and on
Timechild's Goldmine (1985)
When we were young we were shining gold
Ribbons of life, tattered and waiting for the morning to come
You were like the dawn falling on swift wings bearing sunlight
For us all

Did you realise the thousand eyes, watching you lovingly
Watching you patiently
Did you once look from behind those eyes
See the thousand lives that we're living

Passed around the turning wheel
Swept up and waiting, bashed and buffetted, because we made it so
And you stood by us unseeing, hearing
All our jealous minds, once shining chose to spill

Beside us in your crystal mind
Our thoughts are always your concern
We are blindly stumbling
But the Timechild's Goldmine still sees us in it's eye

Timechild! Seasons wild!
Timechild! New Land!
Love is coming!


Bartley Sunrise (1985)

The Stones at Bartley Sunrise are bathed in a yellow golden light
And all around the river reflects the scene that's all about
Rustling sounds and holes in banks, sudden small bright eyes
Blinking to scurry back inside
A heron slowly rises here
Flapping through the mist
As the morning light grows stronger
A starving thrush pokes it's beak into
The soft and waiting ground
And pulls out a worm

Grey and tall he stands partly obscured
By the dark line of the trees
It is he who tends the glades
Watches the trees, or dances in the breeze
He who does the work he does
And sleeps hidden in the leaves
Or chases maidens about
He clasps hold of the branch above his
Curly head of tousled mane
Swings himself above
Silently we turn away, not even knowing where to go
Is this any way to treat a friend?

The old church by the river catches fire-diamonds of early morning light
It sparkles on the weather vane and on the windows, it casts away the night
And in the day the boys will come to throw stones at the water
Or lie in the sweet smelling grass
This fine day we woke up early
Come to see the rising sun
Come to see the faerie dawn chorus
We came across the fields to stand here
See our footprints mark the way

A cat he stretches lazily on the grave of old Simon John
Uncurls a claw, some memory of his chasing dreams still curling in his eyes
Something is amiss, the cat's world does not correspond, "but do not worry"
Says the voice above.
"You and I are just like a hand in a glove, we are one another"
"What a weird night this has been" thinks the cat in his cat's mind
Quickly the subject is changed
"Must find some fish to eat,
Maybe a shrew will do.
Think I'll go look down that lane"

The Tinker's Prayer (1985)

Sweet woman light, won't you come on down
Over the fields into the ground
See you carrying chill'n in your arms
Sheaves of wheat keep us from harm
Sweet mama come on to me, there's coal in the house, it's plain to see
Who you was a thinking whose it to be?
When was the time that you gave it all to me?
You may remember me, I do you
Popped from behind a stone a while back
Something tells me you've not changed at all
Something tells me we've both changed worlds
The colour of your skin, the shade of your eye
The way you tipped your hat
Nothing at all and everything
That's what it's all about
That's what it's all about

Palm to palm sat at this sunrise again
On my knees brow a sweating rain
Mercy mercy these folks all around
They don't see a Tinker thinker they see a clown
Come on down to me again
Like when I was a child I knew it then
Didn't know where I'd be
But I hoped it wouldn't be here
Pick up on the pace a bit
Got to get myself together
Lost in this sea of days
It's like swimming in lather
You don't know this agony
Like I don't know your pain
We can't use a family ticket
If we catch different trains
And I'm thinking in this place of mine
About what I've seen and done
Faces in wilderness places
Where once I saw it all began
Where once I saw it all began

Where do I stand where do I go now?
Up the road or sat where I am
Only place seems I can look for help
Is inside this head of lunatic selves
Still I'm thinking "Where are you?"
You don't know what I need but I'm sure you do
Here's for a poor suffering clown
Don't mope around, fuck right out of town
Loading up my cart of mirrors
Pots and pans, violas, zithers
Look inside, see yourself a thousand-fold
Before when our world was at war
With it's own
With it's own
With it's own fingers
Tinker's Prayer went up like a light
Gave the God's quite a fright
Tinker's Prayer went up like a light
Gave the Gods quite a fright
Gave the Gods quite a fright


Skipjack Lad

Skipjack Lad who are you
With your ice blue eyes and teeth so new
You're everything to me you're a fish
And you're out of sight

You hold your own when the storm's fierce around you
Yes you hold your own in the storm
You're pretty neat you hold your own

You don't need strings to hold you up
You got everything in a brown paper cup
You're ok

Curly blonde hair and a floppy straw hat
We all know why we call you that
And you know

Step back like an ammonite
You make the whole family up tight
When they're in making arguaments
Your out
Fishing in your mind
As you say it's all in the mind

Pieces of eight have been falling of late
Onto your head or off rooves as slate
You're not sure what to make of it, are you

The people you know all say be yourself
But they're only themselves when it's going well for them
Oh yes, you think of motes and planks don't you

Your world is in a box and from that box
Comes lots and lots of noise
Lots of noise and no toys

You missed the bus, this you know
But then there was no bus to show
Was there? Nope!

Skipjack lad
Are you ever coming back?
Skipjack lad


Meaness City

Meaness City ain't gonna take it
Meaness City
meaness City ain't gonna take it
Meaness City
Ain't gonna take it
Ain't gonna take it
Ain't gonna take it

Hitch down the road in an old Ford truck
To the heart of Meaness City
Where the Shepherd meets with Lady Luck
And finds sadness and whores and pity

And eventually he's dragged down there with 'em
'Cos he just didn't know the right people
That's the way it goes in the number one hole
That's the norm in Meaness City

Wild wild wild living
Child child child your'e sinning
Wild wild wild women
Children of the night assemble
Master's calling you together now!

Meaness City
Meaness City



Can she be?
Can she see?
Saintly lady by the water
Feintly feiry Fisher's daughter

And you see
Nothing is as it is
Nothing is as it ought to be
And you see
It's back to where we began
Back so far you're out in front again
It's time

Born you were meant to be
Born into the family


When we were young
We saw the faces
And friends from the stars
Built the Earthworks with us
And energy ran through
The Earth's sacred surface
Messages ran from star to star


All you can see
All you can be
All that is now
All that's to come
And all that means something
All that's inside
All that you covet
All that you hide



A year gone

Love is knocking on the cellar door
Love is rolling in the casks
Love is running like water from our ears
Love in the mould is cast
All our veins should just warm to it's touch
Unblock the block you won't admits there
All we do need is some good company
Is this so much so much

You with yer blonde hair and painted eyes
Moving in and out and up and round and down
Taking care oh kindred kind
Taking care over me
Worry not for your little brothers dreams
Though his path be tattered and torn
I may be a ghost but I'm a pretty good host
Just come on in and see

It's a year gone so quick so cold
Since any embrace of warm
And though she was here she was every every everywhere
But from those rags I've torn
Something you could call independance
But it's really only a scrap
Of what is all
Of what is all
Of what is all
Is me


The End?

The end my friend
The end my friend
Is it really where it's at?
Can you see?
Others of us may be
We can do better than that
One by one come along
Join hands across this wide open river
It's easy all you have to do is try
It's what you want to do
Just spread your wings and fly
What you need and what you say is not unreal
What you fear at night is only how you feel
What you mean and what you've seen
Will surely take you to the answer
And if we bleed someone take heed
Yes we cure our own cancer
Though it's hard you hold the card
To all reason and renewal
What you've known is what you've sown
Is what has blown for such a long time
What you were shown when you were alone
Is what you own is who you are
And this is not the end


Grass Song

If you are a poor boy and you got no place to go
I'll show you more things than you'll ever know
If you are a poor girl and you got no friends at all
I'll give you more friends than you'll ever know
All I ask is that our love begins to grow
Answer is that there's no problem at all

Young girl in the field and she's looking for some grass
To feed her guinea, her guinea pig
Ain't she like that lady in the poem we did back at school
Lady Oenone, that was her name
She had a love but like leaves he blew away
Could have saved Paris anytime but years of sufforing held her right at bay
Golden Apples what you say, better leave it till another day
Greed and need for the wrong things don't make it anyway my way

That it was an accident made it no easier for either his or her own parents
He in youth's unseasoned freedom saw not what they were on about
Because he'd mistrusted her
He'd only lusted her anyway
Silver bracelets on the shelf the nails he had knocked into himself
Beware beware was what he said, I watched the disease grow in his head

To you whom I sing this song outloud and for you whom it may concern
It's not that it's always so good but that it's always as it should be
Mirrors to our lives are shining high above our sheltered selves
I can't show you how to live your lives, only you can tell.

this song was written in the first half of 1984, after mesmerising myself with the guitar motif looking out of my parents window at Round Ball Hill in Honiton Devon. It is referring quite loosley to events going around me. The voice in the first verse was never supposed to be me speaking as me. On consideration now, it is the song itself that claims to bestow the gifts of wisdom and friendship


Silver Ships on the Sea (1984)

Winter's call is calling
Through the leaves
You can hear the russling sounds saying
Free me please
Said the seventh angel standing
Amid the trees
Please come taste our simple wines
Please come to your rest

All along the stone strewn causeway
Serpents coil and hiss
Beckoning and whispering
Bowing for the kiss

Come down to the sea
At dawn with me
Our boat is a bobbing and a rocking on the waves
How is it you look at me, is it how I you?
Are we agreed on our journeys being long due?

And so the end
Was only the beginning
I rose to catch the sun
But found it missing
Lonliness oh loneliness
My only guide
A boat a-bobbing
Way out on the tide


The Centre of the Cyclone

In forlorn castles too brief for living
We rose to catch the sun but were defeated
Just around the corner beyond the eyes
Beyond the skies we set ourselves as real
Like spaceships casting cosmic lines left behind
With stars strewn from our astral selves
And planets in our eyes

You walk along the road of life
To high to see the mountain you are climbing
Casting seeds and scrolls from our outstretched hands
The forgiven forget of the gift
And it's too late the ladder stretches up and down
And where do you stand in perspective to it all?

Can you imagine a place a space
Where you have not been before
But which is not new to you
A place you can recall softly
Push through bad dreams
Make it real. Remember
Complications contradict
But reality sticks and unbounded
Has it's realms in everything you see

Yes what do you see
Push through the dark veils to the sea
Cast your cosmic line wherever it may fall
Maybe you will find some higher guidance or
Maybe you will find a place where you can truly rest
Maybe you will find some friends who love you the best


The tides of swirling memories
Are nearly gone but forgotten
Would you choose to beg or loose
The axis which you hold onto
Thirteen is the number
Twelve it is the right
Thirteen red eyed ravens
Outside the house at night

Outwards on out
Cast lights
Cast lights about
Outwards on out
Look out
Which way is far out?

At the Centre of the Cyclone
Where all our thoughts are real
You're cocooned in your mental egg
Imprisoned inside your head
If you look out the bars you made
Can you maybe see just a little way
To see there are no shackles to pass
But more fresh air green fields and grass

And you are like the butterfly
You cannot take off your wings aren't dry
But soon if you will heed the guides
The caterpillar metamorphosis


The Last day of May (April 1984)

I was dreaming this night of mine, I dreampt a dream all out of time
About a maiden at a fayre, about some flowers that grew in her hair

This dream was so strange so full of memories, of recalling past times when fancy free
We skipped over the grass and down to the sea with the birds who had alighted
In the fields at the time

When I awoke I felt so strange, so mighty queer, that there I lay
In bed for a while and studied the world out the window

Stunned as I was at the start of a new day, awakened from dreams that quickly decayed
And left me a feeling of a time and a place far removed from here

It was this day I do recall that folks were to gather around the hall
Singing praises to unite them all and spend the day in festive array
And celebrate, dance and music play till the night came around

And so it was that afternoon, you could just see the crescent moon
It was the last day before June, people had gathered by the church
At the cross where you can see down to the sea

On the Last Day of May
On the Last Day of May
We are just here I can't tell you why my friend
But I know it's for some reason
Some reason to be told

Practising his pipes stood by the door, the curious minstrel held me in awe
The way that he looked, the way that I saw
The way that he looked at me was not at all threatening

He took off his cloak and showed me inside, as I went further in the old minstrel cried
Making noises to me- wait behind that tree till the thunder loudly goes by

Soon after that I saw the church cat, purring and preening, licking and cleaning
Itself behind the vast rows of flowers that were to be put in the nave

What a great tortoise shell, that much I could tell, but before too long
I could hear the bell, the bell, the knell, all things are now well
It's two a clock, the fayre is just starting

Cartloads and carloads of folks pouring in I spied from my hide-out behind the inn
There were people were fat there were people were thin, people with double or triple chins
People with cameras around their necks, people carrying lengths of flex
People rushing to buy things

Oh the Last Day of May...

The vicar and the lady from the Donkey Sanctuary
Stood outside the teashop watching thoughtfully
He was wishing there had been more crysanthemums
She was nursing a bleeding cut on her thumb
"We can organise it better this year"
Was the first thing he had said
At the Salcombe Regis Fayre AGM
Back in early Feb'
"We ought to have some donkey rides
More things for the kids
A herb stall, a rat-catcher
Something like Beer town did"

There was an organ which exuded a tune wound up and not played by a long bearded loon
Who persuaded everyone to come around and around, shouting, arms waving, beads touching the ground
In time to the music

There was a wry looking man at a coconut shy his face was contorted, I didn't know why
But he was staring at a boy in his teens wiping ice-cream off his new Levi jeans
Licking what was left off his fingers

Practising flipping coins around his hat, a proud looking young man made a stand
Accused of stealing a cake from a stall, of tearing up flowers and that was not all
His mother accused him of smoking

Looking alone but still very pretty, wanders the girl who had been sitting
By the church, then by the sign, in fact all places about the town
Looking from behind here tinted glasses
Thinking was it true what her sister says about that boy

Then I kissed you down on the grass verge and reality took a lurch
The mist that had been lingering around suddenly got thicker and close to the ground
You could not see, only sound carried meaning

The whole country fayre just suddenly stopped, how had this mist so suddenly dropped?
What arm is it that has chosen to bat this ball into such a strange court?

People did not know what to do, whether to stay or whether to go
Whether they were even in town today and so, indecisive, the minutes ticked by
Not even one sound not even a cry was heard from anyone

It was then I saw the strangest sight, it really gave me quite a fright
Until I saw, in front of them all, strode the minstrel with his pipes

Out of the far past came twenty men, Celtic by nature I guessed at their kin
By the shade of their eye by the tone of their skin
On this odd stage they just wandered in and looked at everyone through the mist

Aw, not so by chance by by mystic device, I was held like wood in a vice
I would have spoke but the words but words would not come
Until this strange apparition had been and done
What it was here for

The minstrel was alone, his boots and his bones eyeing all the folks there to see
He took out his pipe and played a note of some height
And like a crack returns normality

Alright alright I know it's weird but I can handle this
What you continued with your piping I started with a kiss
"Look down at your neck, see what is there"
Was what the minstrel said. And looking down I saw I wore
A strange celtic cross that I had not seen before

On the Last day of May...

If you should go down to Salcombe Regis Fayre beware, beware. Be aware
There's dreams and things floating in the air, and I don't know if you'd really care
For it at all, for it at all, for it had all ended soon

Oh the Last day of May
Oh the Last day of May
We are just here, I can't tell you why my friends
But I know it's for some reason
Some reason to be told


You're comin' in (Don't think all words here yet)

Can you see me make out my form
You can see my body but you can't see me at all
Whispering winds on the outreach
Say that you're on the make
Are you comin' in?

Julie was seventeen
But her mind had gone out for tea
She did'nt want to spare the time
But she found she couldn't draw the line
She spent nights and nights wondering
About an old stoned world
But now she's free
And she's comin' in

Walking with no shoes on
Some say it's a sin
Often as not it's raining
But it's all right you can come in
You'll find what you thought was murky dark mires
Is really a pillar to help you climb higher
Are you coming in?

And it's a long long slide
Down the rainbow bridge
But we can get there by sundown
If you want to go


Whatever you are whatever you do

Jacob T. Blackmore stood at the centre of the road
The dust from the Buick smarts him so he shifts his load
Suitcase held in his sweating right hand
He needs his quick left free to shield his eyes from the Sun
What had his clear Lady Mrs. B said that morning
Before his irrational hitch East?
High may you be, may you prosper
May a fair wind blow on your cheek

Who was that mystery face that I dreampt or hallucinated last night?
Jacob has been wondering about her alright
He knew it wasn't a fault seeing these things at all
It's just that once in every so often you get someone who can see visions
It's just that once in every so often a bit of bleeding heart breaks to diamond
What is so frequently jet black anger is what we have longed
Ancestral voices from the insane
Why is Jacob's mind totally flipped sideways again
Is it the cocaine?

Tired of wasting time his nose felt for another line
Jacob saught the powder white courtrooms of justice
There he knew he was alone
For his body made a groan
And all the people sitting round were no good
They'd already been sold to poor dealers
What does it take when you've got this far and you can't turn back
Keep your arch straight and your eye to the crack
Pay attention to what the wise earthworm says
You don't loose wisdom if you ain't got a head
Said the sparrow

As he sat on his pack rolling a joint in his lap
Jacob's mind transcends the dusty road where he's at
He could feel there was someone there
A voice that had got lost on the air
Someone saying ever so softly things that he just loved to hear
And you know what they say?
They say there'll be other days
Days have come and days have changed and days will come again
Your body and your feeling will soar past you soon
I am that Martian from the Disney cartoon
And I want you to listen to me

There she sat thin beautiful detatched
Her shining hair and long dark eyes were an eeiry match
He knew she'd been calling him
Could it be real would she let him in
Something so infinatly wise smiled in her charming ice blue eyes
And she said
Ah it's all right rest your aching head on my breasts tonight
You can't have me I am not of human kind
But you show me what you want to find
And I'll show you what you want to see

Jacob spent the night in martian arms
Which opened into many seas of calm colours in motion
He could feel her breathe was his own
Surely more people than that should have know
For the first time in his life a young hung up hitcher became the hero of himself
-And that's important
Don't be deceived by those who would tell you any thing
Deceived be don't by that which is you is you ain't who
And while you're wondering who young Jacob resembles
Spare a thought for us all we are ensemble

Whatever you are
Whatever you do
Do not worry
I am one too


Cunning and Tricks

There was a train coming in to my borderlands
And it looked like it was pretty full
It was loaded with many crates much cargo
Through which I had to shift
And though it isn't really permitted
I'd of been thankful for some help
And I don't recall anyone laughing
And I don't recall
Looking you in the eye

Now the world of work
And partying
Opened up it's mouth to me
I took a look and spat out a tooth
Turned around so lonely
And I don't recall anyone laughing
And I don't recall
Looking you in the eye

Of the seven white knights
That I met on the road
Only one turned his head to me
He opened his mouth and the words just fell out
While he waved his sword in the air
But he spoke in rhymes and riddles
And I couldn't catch any he said
Just then a dove flew out from above
And I fainted there where i stood

Now it's a real hang
To have so many plans
But not the bullet to start with
I'll take my leave just as soon as I please
I just wish someone would understand
And I don't recall anyone laughing
And I don't recall
Looking you in the eye


Headed for a fall (1984)

If you should go down to Glastonbury Town
Beware Lady. Beware
There's folks an times and things going on
Would make sounds of old horns blown again

What was that sound of old horns you might say?
There the sound of a new dawn sounding in the new day
That's today what did I say
that's today not tommorow.

When you were out walking late on the road
On your own in the dark
You imagined there was a stranger behind
You didn't hear him
He didn't talk

What was that sound, did your mind just play a trick?
Was that the sound of death's trigger go click

Was that you dying, there on the cross?
Was that you crying, what was the loss?

Tightropes and demons at midnight
Your mind's a dark claw I know
We must just get ourselves together a moment
Or are we headed for a fall?


Don't let it pass you by (1983)

Don't get the blues, go slow mamma
Just let them pass you by
It's happening, it's happening
Don't let those blues fool ya mamma
Just let them pass you by
That's what they're there for
That's what they're there for
Open up your heart and let it all flow
Because you know sometimes you just got to let it all go
All those times spent in your brain
Was only there to compensate
'Cos all the time the way was waiting
You just have to grab a hold
Of the way, of the way
The sway, yes today
What is today is never tomorrow
And who is gone may only follow
Take hold of my hand till the morning comes
New age come before you wake up
When you wake up
When you wake


Summer '83

Did you ever get around
Smoking posies in the round?
Did you ever get to see
The Rainbow effect left on me?

De da doo doo
De da doo doo
De da dee

Can we see?
Can we be?
Do we always have to sit
In this uncomfortable position?
Is it more than we could ask for?
I don't know I'll ask my Ma.

Will we ever get out of here?
Will we ever see the same old faces?
Will we ever finish our mission
To the Sun?


We know you well

I saw you dosing in your room last night
You thought you were racing but your face it was white
I'd like to make you but the wall's in the was
I'd like to take you but your drifting away
And we know you well
We know you well

Wise master sat at your desk in school
Who are you kidding?
Who's the fool
You like to push pens in the wisdome of your years
Don't you know yet that your mind is full of fears
And we know you well
We know you well

Wisdom of ages is there in your head
Would you use it or abuse it instead
**********research line************
Universe in your hand how does that make you feel?
And we know you well
We know you well


It's a Blue Sky don't hold no Rain

We came across some bones of men
Scattered in the rust
So many good souls turned to dust
Within these shattered husks
And these people had worn jewels
And their heads had been held high
Speckled foreheads touched the sky
Behold the sparkling in their eyes

Don't you know it's a blue sky don't hold no rain
Don't hold your love in vain
'Cos we've still got some loving to do

Some time ago the white man came
Bringing bible, books and sword
Bound them up in twining cords
In the name of their great Lord
They slew down the Aztec, Inca, Ibu, Masai
Now we hide in concrete lies
To my Mammon side I cry

What have we done
To the Mother Goddess Gaia?
Why can't we nessle in her
Warm aching bosom?

Just a little drop of rain
Just a little drop of rain
Just a little drop of rain
Come bless this land again
(repeat x3)

Now the world's a spinning ball
Two thirds with none to eat
So while we chew our scrawny meat
Can you hear those big bells bleat?

What have we done to
The Mother Goddess Gaia
Why can't we nessle
In her warm aching bosom


Just the way I feel tonight

Either I'd been dreaming
Or I'd been sleeping something awful wierd
My head was humming
There was an ache in my ears
Somewhere a dog was howling and
It stuck it's head in the sand
Somewhow I wondered was it all worth while
Can you follow that strand?
Dee de dee
Da da dee do
Da da da
Dee doo
While you sit there lying
The rest of us lie here
Shitting it out
At least I suppose that's what we're meant to do
If you know what I mean
Somewhere another dog was howling
And it spat and cursed my name
Point to the reason and the central fact
If you follow that vein
So I walked out over sullen sour surroundings
Hoping somewhere there might be a clue
Almost a hero
Almost alive
You take a bit
And fake alot more
Hold on to what you deplore
And if it's any consolation
There is no room for jubilation
And I don't know if I'm wrong or right
It's just the way I feel tonight

I wanted to tell you then

Time passes by like flies never knowing reasons whys
And all the while I had the photograph
And I wanted to tell you then tell you then
But you knew

In between the moments blue I had a little thought of you
But after all it was make believe
And I wanted to tell you then tell you then
I miss you

I've been talking to your wife
She says "Don't worry about your trouble and strife
There's better ways in which to spend your time"

So who am I when I sing this little tune a precious thing
I hold it like a jewel now
And I wanted to tell you then tell you then
But you knew


Images of you

Images of you are splattered all across my brain
Speaking from the paving slabs and crying in the rain
Plastered through the sky with no one to ask of why
All I would like you to know is how you truly glow

Trying to imagine of a place I cannot be
Sitting on a bench with you but no kiss for me
Gliding on a wind whose name is the farthest shore
Hearing you tell me that you don't want me no more

Remembering my guitar or the green bannisters of school
When you were a songbird and I was but a fool
I carried it away because this thing I could not lend
All I know now is that I'm glad we are still friends


She's Beautiful

Well she's walking with a sultry air
Golden feather stuck in her hair
Oh me oh my with her wake going by
It occurred to me I might fly
And these things going on inside my brain
Wont stop they only refrain
Only refrain
Only refrain

See the world open before you
It may even appall you
Step back before you fall you
Cos you got a road to travel
A road to travel
A road

I say she's beautiful
Wanna make her mine
I say she's beautiful
And she's blowing my mind

Magnet thighs and peacock eyes
Devil in an angel's guise
Chilli hot and full of lust
It's a case of look don't touch
Look and don't touch
Look and don't touch

See the world open before you
It may even appall you
Step back before you fall you
Cos you got a road to travel
A road to travel
A road

I say she's beautiful
Wanna make her mine
I say she's beautiful
And she's blowing my mind

Letter to Talbot
Wrote a letter to a friend called Talbot
Asked him what he was doing and where he was going
I had to get to him somehow before he slipped away
He took a trip to the moon suspended from a silver spoon
I kind of knew that tune he was playing
So I strung along and hung on every word

Round about the time the chord broke
And he'd gone too far to crawl back down the chimney
I spoke in a voice like a wind of winter
And our chapped hands called the name of a forgotten rose
Of course as everyone knows it's too far
And too few out here to be taken seriously

Talbot can do as he pleases
And rises up upon the breezes
So I hope this letter reaches you
And you can work out what to do
But who knows what the reason is
Taking care I guess in far out regions


The Lecher

Lecher moves his fingers creeping
Greezy mind and eyes like fire
Don't you just want to know him?
Really I don't think you want to try


Distanced recognition (1981 or 2)

I got a distanced recognition
Of a girl that you might know
I've got a permanent erection
I hope it doesn't show

Ooh-ee Moma, someone's on my tail
She's got everything that looks good on her
Boy I could take that girl


West wind blowin'

West wind blowin' on the Eastern side of my face
Only knowing that it might just save me grace
West wind blowin' on the Eastern side of my face
I'd like to go there just can't find the place

East wind tellin' me things too far away to see
Some other life or one thousand ways to be
East wind tellin' me things too far away to see
And then I'm thinking he might just be lookin' at me

North wind blowin' always chills me to the bones
Roamin' crazy all down that lonesome road
North wind blowin' she always chills me to my bones
Then to tell me she always goes it alone

South wind tugs at my coat wants to take me home
Sweet fragrant breeze I know just what it's showing
South wind tugs at my coat wants to take me home
I know it well but it's just not the way I'm going

West wind blowin'
West wind blowin'
West wind blowin' on the Eastern side of my face
Only knowing it might just save me grace


Wanted to be a Singer (1982)

Wanted to be a singer
In a rock and roll band
Back home where my Zodiac lay
Wanted everyone to follow in my footsteps
See like me and be a part of my creation
Wanted the whole Universe to follow
Especially my guitar and room to practice in
Wanted everything so shiny
With respects to you

Ooh I've wondered
Ooh I've wondered
Ooh I have wondered
Just what's going on

And she breaks like a little child


The Sidewalk Song

Well I don't care what you're wearing
I don't give a damn
But tell me where you 'bin boy
'Cos I don't know who I am*
Am the sun don't shine for you
It shines for me

* Second time line reads
''Cos I'm lost in strawberry jam'

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