Saturday, 28 April 2012

Niberu AttacksThe night sky was rent top to bottomWith a cascade of pure starsLike a river twixt vertical banks of dull cloudSo it was I was sat up in my thin shawlChanting up to it allFrom the slope of this hillsideThere the Seven Spiralling SistersThe Pliedes so namedShining out their brillianceFor so much are they famedAs the star channel seemed opened upA crystal river in my brainTouching nodes to those stars withinLinking up for me a capability to seeSensitive to degreesOf perception of deceptions truly spiedTo see what it isOf Rebels and LizardsFrom these far flung partsBringing their lifeforceTheir wars and their arts from long agoNow remembered in form poeticalSo as not to alarm too muchThe delicate skin that can not abideThese things coming inIt's a mythopoetic shock that's for sureThere's not alot I can do to button it downBut I'll make it sit wellAs I sit well in my gownAnd round that rolling sky turnedAs I sat chantingBurning holes in the skyAs I realizedI was sat square onTo Orion's three starsThat belt that he wearsAs he hunts and sees farSees into my eye as I see back to himAnd I know that some storyIs about to beginA smatter of rainThe scene crystal changeA portal of courseOpens up it's doorsAnd who's standing thereIn garments so queerSaurian RoyaltyMoving in near to meBeaming down againAcross the tracts of spaceCurious now howI do know his faceIt is the Lord EnkiHe of whom you may not have heardBut I have have known his golden bloodIt tingles inside of meAnd I recognize the astral gateThat I have related hereAnd his eyeLocks on mineAnd I feel that dreadful surge insideAs I did when first his DNADocked with mineAnd I am transported out of timeJettisoned to fractilizeWitness to his Royal LineKnowing it was our gold they minedFlowing in such Royal veinsDid it cause them to seeSo Deep into the MysterySpace travel was easy(as long as you had the worker bees)But to liberate the soul?And to give a soul free will?It was beyond most God's mindsAt that particular hourThey had made a slave trade of our ancestorsMining gold from the solar systems pasturesWe were made first from clayThese Gods witheld their DNAIn making roomsSuitable Golems chooseWe were human homonculineWho did the work the Gods declinedStripping the Solar System for goldCromagnon Man was the choice for the planRecieved some magic DNA from the canFrom God overlords AnnunakiPrince Enlil ordainedThat they could have so much not moreFor the creatures would be hard to controlAnu Sun GodIssued the decreeIt was not to beAll these creatures to be freeYet!Lord Enki was not like the restLord Enki acted for the bestIn making with CromagnonHe poured more DNAThan regulation statedAnd made a race to be strong and wiseTo live to their best and to fractilizeTo be on a level and to harmonizeLike the Gods with our gold in thier bloodThe plan Enki set good was to liberate manThe spark defiant from his own handThe gold-greedy Gods could do what they likedHe held the gift and gave it freelyA planet called Tiamat was a hell of a gasMajor strategic prospecting siteAnd a crazy nightlife alasDestroyed in the fightingThese Gods were delightingOrion and Sirius allied for the purposeOf aquiring mineral rightsOn our systemsFor they needed the orme gold to fractilize bloodThey couldn't do it just because they were GodsDrones of ourselves DNA weak doing the workWere unenlightened that all thisNeed not be soFor gold we were mining for some other ones mindsInto space they would go but where's that leave us?The Solar System got wastedUnder attack from invadersAnd you bet that made us a little madTiamat was smashed intoBy enterprizing King ZuzuIt breaks apart forming the asteroid beltA piece of it too formed our Earth pearly blueYet our meridians all got shot awayWe acupunctured with stones'Cos we were rising from dronesOur DNA responded deep in our bonesActivatin' our native kin toneOpening up for the first timesIn suitable placesLike around the Black SeaAnd in the land SumerianFrom where this story cameCivilization's cradle so-calledMesopotamia AfricaOur first step as travelling manHeading out from our originsWhen it must have beenPretty much Pangaia GondwanaWhere the continents were all one landmassAnd creatures lived that are no moreHere the Annunaki had their Making RoomsSo it is read on the Sumerian StoneWhen the human beganSeeding in the landAnd went about all over the globeIn the making of this human worldPropagating life seemingly all their ownAnd leading off through time immemorialTo the present day where sure to sayDarth Vader himself is dueIn the rebuilt deathstar NiberuRiding with the NazgulTo clash with UnicornsOf Universal LawWith bets on for the final drawAnd Anu vengeful at fall of faceSpying on the human racePlotting with IlluminatiTo settle old scores or so they thinkWhile most of us don't even blinkI guess it passed 'em byJust some sunspots in the skySome fallen spaceships they had to hideJust someone off their treeJust some new anomalieSome corn circles codedHow they're not bent they're nodedBut what it means we are not sureSo Kosmik King Arthur Galactic ManWill have to wake up now it's got that madAs excaliber's scabbardWaits in Cedar RowIt's just belowThe ancient mileZodiacal ChildrenUphold the grailThey are tracking the star mapThat leads to the dogThat Waggies it's tailWith a wink and a nodTo Sirius's rainbow glowerWith our heightened psi powerClimaxed July twenty thirdHaven't you heard?Jedi are giving lessons onThe diamond star gridTo which all zodiac co-ordinatesAre astro-lectrically linkedOn a crystal lotus seatWithin a constellation brainIt's a high motivation ratioIt will change your life againIt's fitted in so neatWith delegates repleteFrom all continuum quartersAll their sons and daughtersUntold hordes of GodsAnd all the freaksWho work against the oddsWith incarnations of avatarsWho needy for the workAre lined up inside AvalonWith their feet upon the earthStamping out a rhythmTo lighten up the linesCrumblin' up corruptionand turnin' round the timesAs figures from the tarotVie for place with archetypesOf comparative world view systemsWho are working through the nightAs I sit watching from my hillsideWith the golden blood a flowI look out over Apple ValeAnd what is it I know?The Centaur and the AurochThe Bear and ScorpionAre calling to the UnicornTo come at once it's trueTo coil it's horn that heals so wellAnd place it in the dewFor our water has been poisonedAs do glow the fishTo transform it to mediceneIs what we all so wishSo I conferred with NeptuneWho still reigns o'er the seaTo take his chariot and tridentUp to Faslane immediatelyAnd wave it at the nuclear subsAnd neutralize their ballsI had to be brave because his tidal wavesCould take out our state city wallsI asked him too aboutthe state of his sleeping friendsOf Arthur and Kronoshad the Titans sleep come to an end?He said "Great you've askedwe'll be seeing them again.For you've told it all about the placeThis story of your human raceAnd cos' that's done t'will come aliveAll the Mythos held insideIs crawling round the ZodiacExpressed unseen in archetypesThat move independantlyConforming to you're stories planFigures in the land appearLinking dreamtime imagery clearIn the pool of our mind eyeIn the merge of earth and skyIn this bowl of runic soupWe alphabet a cosmic loopPlayed music with the groupActed mysteries with our troupeLighted up the sacred groveTouched to spark some ancient nodeIn the limelight of our taleWe heard the songline of the whaleThe desert men all droned in tooPlaying on the didgeredooThe stage was set with sparkelling starsThe Glastonbury Grail and all zodiacs areAbundent with cards from the major arcanaAnd a challenge there was to Alerted so, the Great Worm of Pitney Turned and did spit he From his great reservoirs of black cosmic bile That for a moment such as this He had been ruminating all this while And it shot from his mouth like an infernal rain That splattered heavily against the Dark Lords planes Now it was that a small grail that worm it bore Opon it's tail's end in the fashion of an Anklyosaur yet hollowed like an ice cream scoop The parabolic shape of which was of particular use In the impending battle The death star was swooping low Giving off it's dodgy glow And it sent it's death beam down onto our Worm The chaos ray down they threw But the zap was caught within the Worm's scoop And it ran rapid round that grail's parabola A neat and fast returning richochet 'avin' it back at 'ya Thus the worm skillfully trained Niberu firepower Straight back to it's source Causing much damage,searing flames and purple smoke Moff Tarkim nearly choked Meanwhile down by LangportThe gurt dog was franticExited by all thisMad galactic anticsHe was barking at the UnicornWho was lodged nearbyAnd peering through from Willow FarmYou could see clearly whyThe horn of the UnicornIt was held aloftAnd all the sparkelling cosmic rayWas moving 'bout like dustAnd that hub of fatal scienceHinkley Point by nameCould be said to have an auraof a radioactive drainWas now involved with archetypeOf very different brainAs the Unicorn levels his headAnd skuffs his hoovesFor a one way jousting gameDarth Vader, Moff TarkimAnu and Prince EnlilWere hulled up on NiberuBorg star machineWhat had it seen?This collective dark mindIt sure skipped a pulseAs it saw the UnicornBlip up on the screenWith horn coiled and readyThe Unicorn sped sheTowards the power stationHinkley PointAs all the whileWith their Renegede QueensRebel OrionsSlightly off-centeredlyAppeared on the sceneAnd Sirius let out a terrible blastFrom Sauron's second handMicrowave mastsEnveloped the sceneIn a mind jam zoneBut the Unicorn stood firmThough now on it's ownFor everything else had melted away(Though they would return again later that day)Now down to the river Parrot it doveIt darted arrow like silver aloneTilting at target in it homedWhen down came the NazgulClaws rent at it's fleshBut Unicorn magicPuts them in a mesh!Annunaki StarfightersAre close on her tailDimension sheilds stop themAnd all their shots failFlying hooves are all a blurGoing for that cosmic doorHinkley Point there in her sightsLast hundred feet with all her mightOne last spring from Pixie's MountIn goes the hornThe world goes roundStartled workers do not knowThe nature of the sparkly snowThe reason for the spinning earthIs magnetic poles reversedThe horn is skewered in the wallAnd this strange snow it fallsBut we have now turned inside outAnd from that lowly Pixie MountHas sprung non glowing holy lightSo our UnicornTakes out her hornComes to stand and lookAS a wonder takes placeAnd a colour returnsA world's been replacedA fountain been bornIn the turn of time's timeless clocksBardic Tale like a mountain rocksTo where generations flockedCome to hear the ancestral songYes it's been going on quite longYet now a tide is turning in the grailBecause it rhymes it bodes ye wellMark this tide it's fall and riseThen you won't be quite so surprisedIn the landscape of mindquake and wakeIt is never too late to recapitulateIt has been a long waitBut the story predatesThe lies of the StateCan I relate how greatIs importance of this humming heads worthOf stories fully heardYou've taken time to assimilateHere's the mind food on a plateNo one can control your fateLord Enki gave the DNAOr did it come another way?With Annunaki in controlMost of us seem like trollsSauron's Towers help enslave usSubjects of the microwaveMordor Mind TechnologyFrom death game toys to chip IDAn electro-magnetic blanketTucked in by overlordsNumbing up our psychic lifePuts us compartmentalizedSleeping when we are awakeNever quite to correlateStuck in soap serial movie scriptsRepeating like a record's glitchScornful slander boss and workerNever breaking from that orderThat stultifies that gift of lifeThat gift of choiceThat glimpse with lightTo see some mysteryPortentious other historiesAs I am weaving for you hereThat I am leaving for your earSo it can trickle in your brainThat we might have some hope down hereThat we might have some fun againAppropriately rearranged

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