Saturday, 21 April 2012

Summon Sorcerers
From forgotten depths of myth
An incarnate joy
Where combined troubadours
Run circus rings
Where ripples run from drop
And I appear
Dealing chessgames
From rich stores of knowledge
Mothers dress their children
In various garb of armies
MET where stretch the squares
The black the white
Journey of vivid logic
To teach of life’s cause
And the opposition of fates
Begin oh tournament of games in glades
Display our sparkling valour in play

MET The Challenge
Distantly glints The Citadel
My Eye!
Our horns to blow
Forlorn these castles no longer
Gauntlet down
Now proclaim your poetries
Fly words
To crisis
Where warlords command
Lives to the brink
Where abeyance is the only think
Here we hold pause
In a bubble
At fingers tip and lip
So missiles stop in sky
Their arcs a rainbow become
And sing the wind
Billow the sail of our great ship of faith
Where we hold the battle still
With our songs logic
And solve this dispute
This world of WAR
It is the first thing
Then tribe gather
And dreamsong cascade

Speak we gnomes
sat, pipe in hand
On dice
Calling you to our ring of eyes
The twirl of minds wrist is our work
The slip of tricks that soar us from the mundane
In circles dream emerging
Our construction from talksome shiftstick spins
Maker that portrays lavish dreams
And founds them here
Time’s door opens a chink
See vistas where contrasting squares
Cover Her gorgeous skin
And architectures are seen
Allowing depths magnetic thrust
Flow through pores
Where sites are placed
Holding hearts most involved heats
In cheque
So as we sit
We throw our glory into life
Dreams that stir from these depths alight
Bringing their fantastic visions
So hopscotch we through black and white
As dazzled we be in doors open light

Dorn we now our costumes for display
Kings and Queens
Knights and Knaves
Pieces players props a play
Dice to choose a role today
Our scattered lives return to games
Where wars of the moon forced us
Arcana to draw
Whom we now portray
Where strategy it’s license lays
In cut poetries that speak so well
Our lips smack with reasons skill
And as we whisper so we change
Oh you who are so widely ranged
Have drawn you here
A circle grows
A will to woo
Across a gulf
Where coldly blew
Rude flutes
At first
In forests for where we make our homes

It is I Pok who speak
Who fell from Bok
To scream
At first
Then tell tales
Who calls earth She
And nestles ‘neath the old oak tree

And for Pok
True, no sword
But Elfin silver gauntlet drew
And down it threw
To where armies meet
‘Oh nay, oh not’
So firm I say in poetray
This I like not this death faced creed
That angers hungry gulf so feeds
With meal of bodies wasted
Love not tasted
Of hearts a hardened mystics missed
Waters dead of no life kissed
So chock I hammer into ground
Here is faith a riddle round
A pooka place a peace palace
Some gay marquee where we can play
On harps descent
Worlds of words entreat
A dodman root
In glades of games of life we meet
These will echo down the wastes
To true Kingdoms
Earthheart’s prize of timely wealth
And each a ley through stones old throat
This ancient land in stars so cloaked
Is blessed with poklamations croak
A trumpet for a new dawn’s hope

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