Saturday, 28 April 2012

The stage was set with sparkelling stars The Glastonbury Grail and all zodiacs are Abundent with cards from the major arcana And a challenge there was to take place For under this moon there was a tremor When people of the Dragon Clan came together Went and tuned it in they did And the many jewelled Scabbard Lit up the Cedar Mile And the blade that runs though Boltonsborough Switched on it was this while It was Light Sabre Excalibar Turned on for us to use As brightnesses form around Avalon And they begin to move The precession of the Equinox Was alive opon the Vale And all creatures astrologic Were dancing round the Grail Acting out a sacred play Moving in soul symphony Strange animated imaginings Arising from Maltwood's positioning Aligned to her true poetic heart Designed intrinsic divine art Each arch archetype ranging loose Every one a free will to choose Finding the key to their own thing Doin' reiki on their kin 'Specially 'im with 'is injury A King, lain wounded on his horse The once and future King of course But what's this what's that? The Lance that marred the horserider's back It was loosed! It was free! It was a dreadful bloody sight to see With a cry of rage and pain so true and clear Arthur had wrenched free the King-blooded spear From where it had lodged long and deep in his flank And threw it with faltering strength At sudden incoming alien assailants Yes what's this! What's that! A surprise attack Niberu Starfighters painted black! They swept past and all gave fire Consequences were looking dire T'would be foolish for to think These mythic beasts never knew trial T'would be foolish for to think These creatures n'ere fought a war That they would ever taken by surprise Was not what the Gods put them there for They have their own technology For protecting from technocracies So it was that Niberu and it's squadrons Were easily tracked by the sensors Of our sensible Zodiacal mentors Alerted so, the Great Worm of Pitney Turned and did spit he From his great reservoirs of black cosmic bile That for a moment such as this He had been ruminating all this while And it shot from his mouth like an infernal rain That splattered heavily against the Dark Lords planes Now it was that a small grail that worm it bore On it's tail's end in the fashion of an Anklyosaur But hollowed like an ice cream scoop The parabolic shape of which was of particular use In the impending battle The death star was swooping low Giving off it's dodgy glow And it sent it's death beam down to our Worm's grail It's chaos ray down it threw But the zap was caught within the Worm's scoop, the aim having been true And it ran rapid round that grail's parabola A neat and fast returning richochet The worm skillfully trained Straight back to Niberu Causing much damage,searing flames and purple smoke Moff Tarkim nearly choked Meanwhile down by Langport the gurt dog was frantic Exited by all this mad galactic antics He was barking at the Unicorn Who was lodged nearby And peering through from Willow Farm You could see clearly why The horn of the Unicorn It was held aloft And all the sparkelling cosmic ray Was moving 'bout like dust And that hub of fatal fusion science Hinkley Point by name Was now involved with archetype Of very different brain As the Unicorn levels his head And skuffs his hooves For a one way jousting game! Darth Vader, Moff Tarkim Anu and Prince Enlil Were hulled up on the Niberu Borg Star Machine What had it's radar seen? Their collective dark heart it sure skipped a beat As it saw the Unicorn blip up on the screen With horn coiled and ready the Unicorn sped she Towards the power station Hinkley Point C As all the while with their Renegede Queens, Rebel Orions slightly off-centeredly Appeared on the scene And Sirius let out a terrible blast From Sauron's second hand Microwave masts Enveloping the scene in a mind jam zone But the Unicorn stood firm Though now on it's own For everything now moved in a zone Now down to the river Parrot the Unicorn it dove It darted arrow like silver alone Tilting at target in it homed When down came the Nazgul Claws rent at it's flesh But Unicorn magic puts them in a mesh! Annunaki Starfighters are close on her tail Deflector shields stop them and all their shots fail Flying hooves are all a blur going for that cosmic door Hinkley Point there in her sights Last hundred feet with all her might One last spring from Pixie's Mount In goes the horn The world goes round Startled workers do not know The nature of the sparkly snow The reason for the spinning earth Is magnetic poles reversed The horn is skewered in the wall And this strange snow it falls But now we are turned inside out And from that lowly Pixie Mount Has sprung non glowing holy light That flows and flows and puts all right So our Unicorn takes out her horn Comes to stand and look As a wonder takes place And an order returns A world's been refreshed A fountain been born

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