Saturday, 8 March 2008

Black Shamrocks

The name it is Erin
I am the most old
And millions of travellers
Have come to my shores
We built New York in friendship
Green shamrocks we'd gift
But now the black shamrock
Points out the rift

There's Hawks in the Shannon
Iraquis to kill
And they are deployed there
Not with our goodwill
Their prescense in Ireland
Is detested and wrong
We give you black shamrocks
You do not belong

"Remove all the bombers"
Protestors did ask
But Mary contrary
Attacked one with an axe
Costing millions of dollars
To an aeroplane of shame
We send you black shamrocks
'Cause she ain't to blame

Over in England
Court cases were won
The Fairfield Five
Aquitted each one
The war is illegal
This much it proves
We'1l send you black shamrocks
Until you move

Ireland's occupation
Eight hundred years old
Always oppressors
This much I know
American bombers
Last in a long line
Its time for black shamrocks
To highlight the crime

The scourge war and progress
The world it cloaks
The terrorist threat
A constructed hoax
A cancer that eats
At the people's freedom
Deserving black shamrocks
'Till freedom comes

Written after the night Pixie, myself and others went down from Rath Lugh one sunday night to sing in a pub in Navan. After the near fights and song riposte I spoke to a woman wearing a small badge sporting the image of a black shamrock. I asked her what it was.

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