Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Rock and Roll Prophesy presents An End to War

This album never had any money behind it, but I had it ready on september the 11th 2001.
I had taken it down the thames dockside where the bi-annual DSEI Arms fayre was being held. Lots of people had dressed pink and gone down there to demonstrate.
Phoenix got a sense of direction from the idea of an end to war when hearing it in James's caravan. I didn't know at the time anyone actually naming an end to war, but soon it was like the idea was catching on. I do not renege on the sentiment here even as the times seem to grow more evil.
Now at least people anywhere with a internet link can hear this first outburst of mine of the 21st century, the heart of it which is not my prophesy alone.


Dawn said...

Hi Simon, How the hell are you, remember me its Dawn, we is everyone else now.
Im living in Weymouth now with my fourth husband.
Morgaine (Dawn)

Pokstar said...

Hi Dawn
just chanced to see your note when scrolling through.
Is it Dawn who I knew early 90's with the Spacegoats.
Hi there, I am just listening to 'Idylls of the King', which is Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem about King Arthur's Round Table. It's from the radio on internet.
Funnily enough, Morgaine has just appeared as I saw your note.
Love Simon/Pok