Sunday, 16 March 2008

Lost Troubadours

Lost Troubadours
Return to Earth
From Planet Magmu
Across the vastness of space
In the next door galaxy
Magmusian Winged Cats are there
Called Xarararax
Who joined them in their starry flight
Cosmic companions
Their story is not well known
Forgotten long it was
In the crash of violent waves
That carried Atlantis off
Rising waters killed the most
Survivors there were few
Some tell the tales of boats that sailed
Others there were that flew

Enshrouded in their DNA
Opon a mushroom spore
In this way they moved through space
And could the void endure
After a very long time
They found Planet Magmu
Where they befriended many cats
Who could all fly too
They stayed there for very long
Obtaining psychic skills
From the cats who were so wise
And with great wisdom ruled
The starry wheels turned in the sky
And time came to return
For a distress call from the earth
Had given them some concern

The Troubadour's return
Is in the nick of time
For the Earth is rank
With the stench of corporate rats
Who have it by the nads
When the cats saw where it was at
They knew just what to do
A meeting was held by troubadours twelve
But where were the Cats of Magmu?
They had sniffed out Parliament
It was overrun with rats
They licked their lips and had a feast
And really that was that
Xarararax Magmusian Cats
Did not eat all the rats
That would be bad ecology
And they can't fly if they get too fat.

(This song I sing to the tune of 'Lyte Wake's Dirge')

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