Saturday, 8 March 2008

Pixie Recruiting Drive Song

(To the tune of Arthur McBride)

Come all ye brave pixies from all round this land
And bring a little something that only you can
All round this fair world we are being killed off
While the planet is taken for ransom
Its mined and built over and poisoned and choked
By corporation bandits in deceptive cloaks
Who'll take all they can till there's nothing left
And nothing will live here at all

Come warlock and warrior we need you all
Many pieces to the puzzle all parts of a whole
So join in this one because it's better than
Death culture as life masquerading
And all round this one world I do have to say
Is on amber to red alert so don't be afraid
Pixies come dance to a transmuting tune
And we'll all come round again

Come hobgoblins leprecauns this is the fright
The road through Tara heads straight to endless night
Get active all pixies the land needs us
Bulldozers are ripping it's heart out
There's many mischiefs a pixie can find
To help the situation out of this sad bind
And under the flag of the gold harp on green
We'll show everyone how its done

If pixies aren't something you take seriously
And you never talked to the spirit in a tree
Then you don't know the first folk to care for this land
And welcome the sun in the morning
There's no sergeant major no papers to sign
Its direct it's action our lives are on the line
Whoever you are there is something to do
And you can be who you are

So this is the pixie's recruiting drive song
It's for desperate dreamers who want to carry on
Living in this world or maybe afar
But we wont have a chance without Mother
Come folk of the underworld help if you will
And take some action to ride out the ill
Wind that is blowing all round this fair globe
Pixies come out to play

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