Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Goodbye to You (1985 or 6)

Well I think I'll be leaving come tomorrow
After this good time spent with you
And the lines just stick in your throat and ache
Seems like you're not getting through
A sorrow's only yesterday's belated smile
I catch hold of new airs, drifting on this while
Drifting on

You lady, in the red falling gown
Your hands clutch the rose tight
As your eyes look to the ground
Remember what is said and done
Think of what's to come
We are only images, flickering in the sun
Wo, in the sun

Lain in bed, we'd lain all night now the dawn chirps it's wake
Speaking of our dancing love and of mistakes we'd made
Rising we wipe the eyes and look to the door
Rolling on the clouds go by, who needs anymore
Oh, anymore

Through the glass I gaze to see the people going by
How many stories in the street, how many asking 'why?'
Why did she leave me, did she go away
Look to the ground, feel it spoil your day
(Don't let it spoil your day)

The taxi's come, it is the hour, when we shall go our ways
I feel as if i ought to have something to say
But profundity just slips and passes on it's way
Our hands, touching at fingertips are now streets away
And we've parted

Goodbye to You

(This song I wrote but it didn't happen to me. Bits of it I did experience in ways, which got cobbled in to the story)

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