Thursday, 1 April 2010

Tony Blair

Tony Blair look good he got the face
Got that smile and social grace
Prime Minister or Prime Suspect
Who or what does he protect?

Someone called him Bomber Blair
'Cos we're such friends to America
George W. Bush said "Let 'em roll"
And on Iraq the bombs took toll

Hey Hey Moma, something's going on around here
It's Yankee Doodle Dandy walking with Tony Blair

Spinnin' script writers they got the story
You just knew it was going to get gory
War on Iraq was a pre-emptive strike
Well have you ever heard the like?

Has anyone ever wondered in the U.K.
About this obsession with the U.S.A.
Is it healthy is it sane?
Or have we all been flushed down the drain?

Hey hey Moma something's going wrong around here
It's Yankee Doodle's poodle, A.K.A Tony Blair

Well now people do you believe
Everything that you receive?
What goes on behind closed doors
Sex it up to justify war

Where was the threat to our national security?
It was a message that lacked a certain purity
Alistair Campbell and his 40 minute scare
Not one jot of truth in there

Hey hey Moma something's going wrong around here
It's Tony's belligerent accomplice; Campbell, Alistair

Tony got ambition, he's taken it far
Likes to be seen with big Rock Stars
He don't mind if they sniff cocaine
See 'em in the papers, he's on top again

Public opinion public opinion
It's a mighty sway-able thing
Watch out all you peoples
What's the next one gonna bring?

Hey hey Moma something's going wrong around here
It's that failed rock-band manager. Presenting; Mr Tony Blair

Tony make a deal with a supermarket
He know his public don't want no more
Tony say one thing and do another
Tony do a trick with a revolving door

His wife bought a flat over in Bristol
Seems they got it on a whistle
The story broke and they got out
That was one law they couldn't flout

All you benefit frauds you better take care
But what you get is such a small share
Tax evasion is the rich man's way
Robin Hood come back today

Hey hey Moma, whose this poking 'round here?
It's our guide to moral virtue, Prime Minister Blair

As a war criminal he could be tried
But Blair tells us he never lied
He acted on what needed to be done
Didn't ya see that smoking gun?

Who pulls the strings? We know who wears the mask
If so, can they be brought to task?
Alistair and Tony are just the ones we see
What is the real identity?

Hey hey Moma, something something's in the air
Is it a bird? A plane? A lizard? Oh, it's only Tony Blair

I saw him in the paper putting down the Blues
Reds and Green-ers and in-betweeners
Will they all take us to the cleaners?

I'm singing about Tony, but would he care?
Off on a yacht with his billionaires
Lecturing all the World on peace
Will these wonders ever cease?

Hey hey Moma, something's gone wrong around here
Is that Jesus Christ our Saviour? I thought it was Tony Blair

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