Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Sweet Lady of May (1986)

Love oh ma Lady she comes to me, comes to me in the morning time
Bringing a love and a light so clear, bringing things that we hold dear
Dancing like a spirit now, she dance to woo the stars to sleep
Dance with her when I can, jump for joy over the land
Come walk with me my Lady, under the moon so bright
Come lay down with me my Lady, make love all through the night

I love you Lady of May, when you're not here my world is grey
When y die I'll go dancing on till we meet again at Judgement Day
When we're alive we'll walk the night, walk the day right out of sight
Wild at night and out of harm, we'll go down without a fight
And should we ever disagree, as I am sure we will
Find the root of our dis-ease, dig it out and dance on still

A love of life I have for you, do you even know who you are
Beckon to me when I was young, called me on from afar
Sing and make music fair, harmonise with loving care
Love will in the end work out, love is always in the air, in the air
So let us dance to the morning, let us dance to the night
Let us promise of this; love the world and serve it right
Love the world and serve it right

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