Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Timechild's Goldmine (1985)

When we were young we were shining gold
Ribbons of life, tattered and waiting for the morning to come
You were like the dawn falling on swift wings bearing sunlight
For us all

Did you realise the thousand eyes, watching you lovingly
Watching you patiently
Did you once look from behind those eyes
See the thousand lives that we're living

Passed around the turning wheel
Swept up and waiting, bashed and buffetted, because we made it so
And you stood by us unseeing, hearing
All our jealous minds, once shining chose to spill

Beside us in your crystal mind
Our thoughts are always your concern
We are blindly stumbling
But the Timechild's Goldmine still sees us in it's eye

Timechild! Seasons wild!
Timechild! New Land!
Love is coming!

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