Thursday, 1 April 2010

Though this is true

Chorus: (after each verse)

Here's a tale, I tell it true, concerning abuse of power
And unhappy lives it leaves behind, growing more each and every hour

Far oversea did Europe go, to fill the New World untainted
So took that World by force of war, before we were very much aquainted

With hypocrisy of church and state, and their lust for gold, which could not wait
Though Quaker colonies I do not implicate, the land was stripped of Man Innate

The Wars of Independence, of which in history lessons you will have heard the date
Were all on the land of a butchered race, the like of which will never be seen again

With the trade of slaves and tobacco, which take dignity from a man
From Jamestown out the modern world was made, from such bad seed began

Though Independence had it's declaration, such a high-minded concept
What came to pass wasn't quite so fine and left us with reasons for regret

The years went by and with new technologies, the world was getting smaller
From ships and guns to atomic bombs, the shadows they grow taller

And after World War number Two, many smaller wars ensued
Much the same but more, it's true, robbing poor peoples through and through

Now the many goods that the West consumes, little asking from where they issue
From chemical food to training shoes, are from countries very badly abused

And Shopping Malls in every town keep the exploitation High Street
Have sucked the very breath of life. Chrome and Glass are all we see

Such a system of production is not a ever-steady structure
The supermarkets rise, like Goliath's size, could fall hard and so be fractured

From Seattle to the City Mile, from Genoa, Prague and Copenhagen
People are smashed who raise the cry, protesting against the Institutions

And yet, beneath these Edifices of Modern Order, a song is sung that says "No more please"
People re-address the situation and cause awakefulness from this death grip dream

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