Monday, 15 December 2014

Far Ahead

Well it come to me to think of Autumn
It comes to me bear Spring in mind
I don't know where I'm going
But out of luck and out of time

Out of luck and out of time
The bells ring but there's no chime
Was it something that I said
It's hard with a planet for a head
Far ahead

We've been riding on the ocean
We've been trapped inside Time
You're a little bit suspicious
You think we'll get out alive

You think we'll get out alive
Give us a break cut the jive
You'd better get it in your head
You'd better swim or sink like lead
Far ahead

If you've ever travelled inwards
To that glowing point of light
You know it's rather different there
It's a place give it it's rights

You self govern by your own lights
But if you don't go there don't judge
Do not judge where you never tread
'Cos you fill me full of dread
Far ahead

Now comes the time of Winter
And Summer's way behind
I've done alot of thinking
Since that flowery time
I've done with races in the mind
You'd better get it this time
Trace the glow line of the days
It's globe~like though we're poorly fed
Far ahead

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