Sunday, 14 December 2014

Song for Mankind

In the beginning
When we were young
We were one
We had so much joy
When we were girls and boys
We ran through the meadows of time
We knew ourselves, we beheld no crime
When we were one

There was a moment
When we began
There was a time
When we like rivers ran
There was no confusion or mistrust
There was harmony because we must
Have been in it together

We are of the open sky
We can fly through the air
We are of the swelling sea
The tide laps through our hair
We are still one

You are old and young
You have just begun
The seed planted in your bed
Is growing through your head
What would you have instead

There is a golden road
There is a golden road
Don't take no money
You won't need it at all
There is no toll

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