Monday, 15 December 2014

TRY ~ The Anti~Eye

Whether you live or whether you die
In these matters our senses fry
Whether you're near or whether far
In these things you can only try

Mages and menhirs around you spin
Ancient fire that listens in
The man the mask the arrowed eye
In these things we can only try

A fool is like the loaded dice
Not he can change his destiny
Folded wings open the door
Watch out for the fatal flaw

He left behind the folded bed
Looked back to where her body lay
Started to recall the wing
Hoovering the only thing

Fastly fitting planet sphere
Posters on your wall disappear
Your head spins out, the paper flies
Enter in the Anti~Eye

Papers flying everywhere
Swirling patterns in the air
Quite soon his mind got left behind
But clement elements were kind


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