Saturday, 13 December 2014

Two Simple People

Simple people simple style
And we were waiting all the while
For the bud to come of age
For us to reach the next stage

It's you and me or meaning more
Our words stretch out across the floor
And meaning less we had to guess
What it was we were put here for

I don't know, it's just sometimes
My thoughts go up in the air
And there's a feeling
Of something more that was there
Something so simple

A quick pause a wordless clause
A tooth pick girl, pain with no cause
No need to say no words anymore
Simple things for simple minds

You hold me I respond with glee
Our farmhouse home that we don't see
Lots of people running round
Lots of make up lots of clowns

You reminded me just then
Of a picture I once saw
Was either in a gallery
Or I picked it off the floor
Ain't that funny

Just to think that time last week
You stood on a hill I could not hear you speak
You talked louder and had to shout
Said the Moon. 'What's all this noise about'

You came in with a shining ring
I ran out, felt the need to sing
You've come up, I've gone down
I guess if you look, you'll look again

When I was only laughing
You were way ahead
When they wound up with scorn
We had something else instead
Something too simple

Give and take plus and minus
These are things we believe in
If you awake there's no time for hate
But please be back for evening

Last time round without a sound
Sweep your feet up off the ground
Hold your hands up in the air
A Golden Temple is to be seen there

We talk and talk from dawn till dusk turns to night
We guess about the time and then turn out the light
We're just simple you see

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